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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Transigenti (Conservative)
Capital Milan
Population 624.42 thousand
Primary culture North Italian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
The divided Italian states in 1836. Lombardia is a part of the Austrian Empire

Lombardia is today a part of Italy Italy, but in 1836 it is part of the Austria Austrian Empire. It is needed to be released in order to form Italy without help from the redshirts. The Italian nations Papal States Papal States, Sardinia-Piedmont Sardinia-Piedmont, Two Sicilies Two Sicilies, Modena Modena, Tuscany Tuscany, Parma Parma and Lucca Lucca has the war of unification casus belli to take Lombardia as long as it is a part of Austria.

If Sardinia-Piedmont owns Lombardia it can take the decision Cavour's Diplomacy, which cedes Nice and a couple of other provinces to France in exchange for removing 10 infamy. If Lombardia manages to form Italy and Annex Sardinia-Piedmont, it can itself take the decision.