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Localisation is an important part of Victoria 2's modding system. It connects the variable 'keys' used in the game's internal code and external scripting system with readable text, and also allows translation into multiple languages.


A localisation looks like this (only English, French and German are officially supported and only the default English localisation is generally correct):


For example, this is the localisation for the single player button in the main menu:

FE_SINGLE_PLAYER;Single Player;Solo;Einzelspieler;Gra pojedyncza;Un jugador;Giocatore singolo;Egyjátékos mód;Hra pro jednoho hráèe;;;;;;x;;;;

Some commands in Paradox Script create localisation keys.

Event localisation

Events are localised through these three script commands: title, desc, name (the latter in an option code block).
The commands assign keys like this: command = "key". The quotation marks are optional, but it is standard practice to include them.

country_event = {
    id = 100
    title = "EVTNAME100"
    desc = "EVTDESC100"

    option = {
        name = "EVTOPTA100"

    option = {
        name = "EVTOPTB100"

The assigned keys can be any arbitrary string, but should follow the above standard: "EVTNAME[ID]" for the title, "EVTDESC[ID]" for the description, and "EVTOPT[A-F][ID]" for options.

The subtitles of election events are localised by adding _sub to the event's title key.

Decision localisation

Decisions are automatically localised using the name of the decision as defined through the script with the extensions _title and _desc.

Localisation Colours

Below is a list of colours recognised by Victoria 2's localisation system.[1] You can use colours to highlight important information in event or decision text or any part of the interface localisation. For example, to get "This text is red" to appear as red, you would write in the localisation: §RThis text is red.

Key Colour
§W White
§Y Yellow
§R Red
§b Black
§G Green
§B Blue
§g Light grey
§! Return to default colour

Localisation Keys

Below is a list of all localisation keys found in Victoria 2's files, along with their scopes and meanings.[1]

Key Scope Description Example Value
\n Skips Line