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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Whig Party (Conservative)
Capital Monrovia (ID 1887)
Population 114.100
Primary culture Afro American
Accepted cultures Kru
Literacy 9%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Uncivilized
Liberia in 1836 with British Freetown as their only neighbour.

Liberia is an uncivilized nation on the coast of west Africa, and starts as a satellite of and in the sphere of the USA USA. It starts out with half of the state of Liberia with cores on the rest. There is however no nation, that controls the rest and Liberia can most likely not get in shape to colonize it before the europeans. Exceptionally for an unciv, it is a democracy. As a result of it being a satellite external threats are not an issue, but expansion is impossible.

Liberia has a special decision to become independent, Liberate Liberia, available when the USA develops the State and Government technology (which typically happens in the late 1840s or early 1850s). The decision also grants £5000 and a permanent +15% research boost, although catching up in tech will still not be easy.

After the liberation and the country's westernization, it also have the unique decision Constitution for Liberia.

After westernization, Liberia faces huge obstacles to expansion.

Before independence

At the beginning of the game, Liberia will be incredibly safe, although it might be a bit boring. You cannot do a lot, but promoting Clergymen mini.pngclergymen and Bureaucrats mini.pngbureaucrats before USA researches State and Government. Afterwards, Liberia will be in the sphere of one of the most powerful countries in the world which should be heavily utilized. If one is lucky, State and Government might be USAs very first technology, but you cannot do anything but waiting and hoping.

The only RGO is Coffee.png, which gives a lot of cash so budgetting with 100% education spending shouldn't be a problem.


After Liberia is no longer a puppet, it can seek out an alliance with USA. It will provide enough defense, but they might not be too helpful for attacking anything outside of America. Haiti Haiti, USCA USCA, Colombia Colombia or Hawaii Hawaii are good targets. Another possibility is using the alliance with the USA to conquer a foothold in Asia, which can provide enough of a population and economic base to fuel further growth. If Secondary Power status can be obtained, colonizing the interior of Africa is a possibility.

Not being a puppet is more risky, since European states might look for a foothold in Africa.

In Africa, attacking North African states or Sokoto Sokoto is the obvious other choices. Otherwise The Boer States can be another target.

Colonizing with Liberia

Depending on circumstances (especially prestige-boosting events), it's possible to westernize before 1870 in a good position to colonize Africa. The £5,000 grant from the earlier decision makes it possible to immediately build a naval base; but colonization will have to be achieved quickly, as the surrounding areas are the first to be claimed by the European powers.

With a bit of luck, tight colonial races, especially between France France and United Kingdom United Kingdom, might give Liberia enough time to occupy key territories. The rest of Liberia proper can wait, as it is already cored and will remain unoccupied by other powers. A level-1 base gives access to territories where Coal.pngcoal and Iron.pngiron and, later, Resource rubber.pngrubber (which inland Liberia will also have) are plentiful, which will provide an excellent basis for an electrical industry. Nonetheless, colonizing there first will severely limit immediate expansion of the main Liberian territory.

Of the territories adjacent to Liberia, only the Windward Coast can rapidly be turned into a state thanks to the presence of a large accepted Kru population. Nonetheless, it might be better to attempt to block off foreign expansion a little further away. It might be possible to colonize Ivory Coast if the French are busy with a colonial race for Ghana against the British, Dutch, or Danish/Scandinavians. With Ivory Coast colonized, the next target should be (assuming the British haven't taken over it already) Guinea. Inland expansion should also be considered (i.e. both Eastern and Western Mali if possible). With a level-1 base and a few ships, it is possible to colonize five adjacent territories.

A Liberian homeland comprised of Liberia, the Ivory Coast, the Windward Coast, Guinea, and both parts of Mali adds up to a country with over 1 million in active population, which, if played well enough, could successfully rise to great power.

Soon enough, one of the European powers will remove Liberia from the American sphere. Of all the possible alliances, one with France is more interesting, especially as it may allow Liberia to annex the rich and populous British Sierra Leone.