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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party The Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Riga (354)
Population 308.31k
Primary culture Latvian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A picture of an independent United Baltic Nations which can be formed by Estonia and Latvia

Latvia is a small nation by the Baltic Sea releasable from Russia Russia. Latvia starts with all the tech Mother Russia had but only 1 regiment of Soldiers. It is just about impossible to conquer anyone with that army. So it is a good idea to encourage Soldiers mini.pngSoldiers with your national focus and to raise the salary of the military. Latvia also has the good fortune to posses a Naval base (a bonus none of the other Baltic states enjoy), so the next step is to build a fleet of transport ships to transport your troops to your targets. Since Latvia has very little money, it is advisable to build each brigade and/or ship one at a time. Every single one of Latvia's neighbors is too strong to fight in 1836, so you must find prey elsewhere.

Latvia produces a mix of Grain.pnggrain, Fish.pngfish and Cattle.pngcattle. None of them will make you rich, and they cannot be used for industry.

Morocco Morocco is a good target, though Spain Spain will usually have taken the biggest section of Morocco by the time you have the ships and brigades necessary to wage war. The provinces are however still worth some cash from taxation. Morocco's most important trait is however its location. Morocco gives Latvia a good base into the Mediterranean and it provides an adequate jumping off point into the Caribbean and South America, as well as for going around the Cape of Good Hope and into Asia. Every one of these areas has at least one nation that will maintain only 1-3 brigades in peace time. Zulu Zulu is a good second target (even though they are on the other side of Africa). Also it is easy to get Panama. From there you can try attacking smaller South American nations.

Latvian Tech

As with any Minor, Tech is critical for Latvia. Latvia's first tech should be either Freedom of Trade or Positivism in order to obtain the most use from them. Idealism should be researched as soon as possible once it becomes available.

Forming United Baltic Nations

Latvia has together with Estonia Estonia the possibility the form United Baltic Nations United Baltic Nations. It is needed to be a great power and either influence the other baltic nation or outright conquer it. Estonia is like Latvia a part of Russia in the beginning of the game. If one have not released them when you released Latvia, then you have to fight Russia for Estonia.