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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party The Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Leh
Population 48.520
Primary culture Tibetan
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10 %
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized Nation
Status Uncivilized Nation

Ladakh is an Asian nation, which is releasable from Panjab Panjab. It only owns a single province Leh. It is uncivilized at the beginning of the game.

They will initially only border China China(or more precisely Chinas substate Xinjiang Xinjiang and puppet Tibet Tibet), United Kingdom United Kingdom and Panjab. Because Ladakh is landlocked one will have a very hard time when attacking anyone else. Out of the three Panjab is the only sane target for conquest, but they are still much stronger. One should seek out and alliance with Sindh Sindh, Afghanistan Afghanistan or Kalat Kalat (and hopefully more than one) before attacking Panjab.

Ladakh cannot however not field one single regiment, so conquest might have to wait for now.