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Labourers mini.pngLabourers are a POP type, which are unskilled workers who work in mines. They are similar to Farmers mini.pngfarmers and they will switch immediately to farmers, if the RGO they work on change to a suitable RGO. They increase the throughput of the RGO they work at, directly increasing the resource output of the province. They're paid a small portion of the money earned by the RGO unless the national minimum wage level is higher than what they would earn normally in which case they are paid the minimum wage.


Life Needs
Grain.png Grain 2.5
Fish.png Fish 1
Fruit.png Fruit 1
Wool.png Wool 1
Cattle.png Cattle 0.75
Everyday Needs
Tea.png Tea 4
Resource liquor.png Liquor 3
Resource regular clothes.png Regular Clothes 1.2
Resource furniture.png Furniture 1.1
Coal.png Coal 1
Resource fertilizer.png Fertilizer 0.5
Luxury Needs
Resource furniture.png Furniture 3
Resource regular clothes.png Regular Clothes 3
Resource liquor.png Liquor 1.5
Resource paper.png Paper 1
Resource radios.png Radio 1
Resource telephones.png Telephones 1
Tobacco.png Tobacco 0.95
Resource automobiles.png Automobiles 0.5
Coffee.png Coffee 0.45
Resource fuel.png Fuel 0.1

Ideological Tendencies

Ideology BCM
Anarcho Liberal.png Anarcho Liberal 1
Communist.png Communist 1
Conservative.png Conservative 1
Fascist.png Fascist 1
Liberal.png Liberal 1.1
Reactionary.png Reactionary 1
Socialist.png Socialist 1
Upper Classes: AristocratsCapitalists
Middle Classes: ArtisansBureaucratsClergymenClerksOfficers

Lower Classes: CraftsmenFarmersLabourersSlavesSoldiers