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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Catholic Party (conservative)
Capital Krakow
Population 106.000
Primary culture Polish
Accepted cultures
Literacy 53,9 %
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Poland was splitted among Austria, Prussia and Russia in 1771. Krakow was an independent City state

Krakow is a civilized Polish nation in eastern Europe. It is the only independent nation that has the option to unify Poland Poland and later Poland-Lithuania Poland-Lithuania. It is only a single province nation with no army but relatively high literacy therefore a high research score. Krakow starts off in Austria Austria's sphere but not allied to them, and usually Russia Russia will take Krakow into its sphere as time progresses. To unify Poland it has to take territory from Russia, Prussia Prussia and Austria - a difficult task which will need support from powerful allies.

Starting out

As small and hopeless as Krakow may seem, they are gifted with one thing: Democracy. This means one will receive many immigrants, mainly from Prussia or Austria. This means more soldiers, more people to work in the coal mines, and, when Krakow industrializes, more factory workers.

Krakow needs at least one more state to become a Great power, which is needed to form Poland and/or Poland-Lithuania.


Krakows economy is not good simply because of its size and one will be running a tight budget early in the game. One can consider researching Clean Coal first, as it increases Coal.pngcoal production, which happens to be Krakow's primary export and only RGO. It will improve the economy significantly, but it is still as small as one could expect from a citystate.


Krakow start off in Austria's Sphere of Influence, though most likely Russia or possibly Prussia will replace Austria. It is advised to ally any sphere leader, that Krakow has at the given time.

Eventually due to immigration, one will have trained more brigades than Krakow's Supply Limit can handle. Having Military Access to, say, Russia will allow the troops to stay on Russian soil, meaning that they will not die to attrition.


It is simply not possible to go to war on ones own, but luckily Krakow will inherently always have a powerful ally, as it is very unlikely not to be in either Austrias or Russias sphere.

One can use that ally to attack the surrounding nations. Switzerland Switzerland, Sardinia-Piedmont Sardinia-Piedmont, the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire or any European nation, that is weaker than Krakows sphere-leader.

If one looks for colonies, one can attack Denmark Denmark for their colony in Ghana, Netherlands Netherlands for their possessions in South East Asia or if one is allied to Russia Korea Korea or China China.

When considering who to attack, one will have to judge the current situation as Krakows diplomatic situation is ever changing. Success lies in the ability to asses the current diplomatic landscape and make full use of the small windows of opportunities, that will arrise.