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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Johor Bahru
Population 84.000
Primary culture Malay
Accepted cultures Yue
Literacy 2%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized nation
Johore alongside Brunei, Atjeh and Dutch Indonesia

Johore is an uncivilized nation on the Malay peninsula bordering United Kingdom United Kingdom's colonies and Siam Siam. Its primary culture is Malay which is common with Atjeh and Brunei. Therefore, it has easy potential to expand there and conquer other places with the same culture - Atjeh Atjeh, Bali Bali and Brunei Brunei. Brunei is particularly easy for it to conquer due to its very weak army.

Johore has cores in the British controlled Malay peninsula, but regaining those is a distant, if not impossible, dream. They can however grow powerful enough to retake the on Siam controlled Alor Setar.

Johore has Malay as the primary culture, and the Chinese culture Yue as accepted.

Economic and Administrative situation

Johore has a lot of Precious metal.pngGold reserves helps soften the bad economic situation most uncivilized nations have, but Great Britain normally wants them for itself. Expansion is therefore a good idea, to prevent being wiped out by the British too quickly before a chance to civilize. Due to this, one should try to maintain positive relations with the UK and the Netherlands Netherlands early game. Johore has a very low literacy rate of 2% so setting the national focus to Clergymen mini.pngclergymen in the most populated provinces throughout the game is a good idea to allow Johore to westernise faster.

Uniting Malaysia

As mentioned earlier Johores primary culture is common in the surrounding areas. One should start with Brunei and then continuing to Atjeh. It is both to increase the frankly rather lackluster population and to gain research points to westernize.


After westernization one can try to take the dutch Sumatra as they have more Malay POPs or Java which is a very rich province. Researching tech the prestige techs is a good way to increase ones ranking. Once the natives of the Southeast are annexed it would be a good idea to conquer smaller uncivs such as Hawaii Hawaii, Madagascar Madagascar and Sokoto Sokoto. Once your population has reached several million strong you will be in the position to take on the bigger boys in Asia and possibly go toe to toe with the likes of the European powers.

Due to the bad literacy rate, it is probably not reliable to have a serious adventure in Africa and Expanding more in South East Asia is probably the most realistic way to go. Dai Nam Dai Nam, Siam along with the other South east Asian nations, Spain Spainish controlled Philippines Philippines is the most obvious targets for conquest. South and Central America or the Boer states might also be a possibility.

Guangxi Guangxi holds a lot of the accepted culture Yue, so if they have not westernized yet they might be a good target of conquest. Even more so, if they happen to no longer be a substate of China.

Johore has a lot of Timber.pngtimber and Tropical wood.pngTropical wood, so Resource furniture.pngfurniture and later Resource luxury furniture.pngluxury furniture factories, is the most logical choice for industry.