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Government type HM's government
Ruling party Conservative party
Capital Dublin (ID 263)
Population 1.81 million
Primary culture Irish
Accepted cultures
Religion Catholic.pngCatholic
Literacy 16.5%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized

Ireland is an European island nation west of United Kingdom United Kingdom. It is in a relatively isolated position and can easily avoid warfare if one wishes so. To play as Ireland from the start one will first need to begin the Grand Campaign as Great Britain, Release Ireland in the Politics menu. and select "Play As" in the window that pops up.

If one wants Ireland to be independent in every single game, a useful alternative is to simply edit the game files. The file path is Paradox Interactive/Victoria 2/history/provinces/united kingdom. Simply change controller from 'ENG' to 'IRE' in the correct province files.

The Irish Experience

Playing out the first decade as the Emerald Isle one suddenly releases the immense potential afforded by Irelands industrial levels, its literacy rate, and its relative geographical isolation. A nation that played out the mid-19th century as a suppressed and starving junior partner in the United Kingdom has near unlimited prospects when freed from Britain’s grasp, and can in an astonishingly short period of time become one of the most powerful nations on the planet.

Early Days

As a civilized but minor nation, there are three major priorities for Ireland in the early stages of the game. These are as follows:

Be Neighbourly

One needs to improve the diplomatic relationship with Britain. At the point where one is forced to consider the defensive strategy against them, one have already arrived at the point of defeat. The North of Ireland has a large British population, and with geographical proximity and massive military asymmetries this means Ireland is eternally on the menu for jingoistic British elements.

Crank up the Wheels of Industry

Ireland have precious little in the way of natural resources so nothing extravagant on the factory front. The RGO's are mainly Fish.pngfish and Cattle.pngcattle. Resource cement.pngCement is the industry that fits Irelands RGOs the most, branching out into Resource glass.pngglass, Resource liquor.pngliquor, Resource regular clothes.pngregular clothes, and luxury items as time goes by.

Early industrial techs should be unlocked to support the industry but there’s no sense in over committing to industry on the research front just yet. Ireland does simply not have the population to support a large industry.

Tool Up

When one has some stability in budgetary terms and a healthy relationship with the nearest neighbours, one can already start thinking about some dramatic moves on the world stage. Even the modest advances in early game will send Ireland flying up the world power rankings and one will be a secondary power early. The next moves will push Ireland to the very top. But first, one needs the requisite equipment for international adventuring. The technological advantage of small nations like Ireland over even the biggest uncivilized powers is astonishing.

One needs modest technological advances that will insure rapid and uncomplicated victories over minor uncivs. Do this as soon as the economy on a sure footing by developing the infantry - light armament in particular - and by developing the means of transporting them across the waves.

From Minor Player to Great Power

There are three considerations when choosing a target to conquer. The first is manpower, and Ireland's desperate need for the factories and armies. The second is resources. Coal, iron, and other industrial RGO's are important. Generally speaking this depends on one's own industrial focus. Go after what is needed for the present industry.

It is advised to choose a target, that is not influenced nor a target of a major European power. Madagascar Madagascar, Johore Johore or Sokoto Sokoto will do.