Ionian Islands

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Ionian Islands
Ionian Islands.png
Government type Presidential Dictatorship
Ruling party Nationalist Faction (Reactionary)
Capital Corfu
Population 188,420
Primary culture Greek
Accepted cultures
Literacy 22%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A picture of Ionian Islands of the coast of Greece

Ionian Islands is a small nation in The Meditaranian Sea west of Greece Greece. It is a puppet of United Kingdom United Kingdom, and during the game Great Britain will most likely take the decision, Treaty of London (1864), that gives Ionian Islands to Greece. This will be the end of Ionian Islands and the game. The only realistic way to prevent it is to rise to great power status to break free of Britain. On the other hand, if Ionian islands becomes independent it will most likely face an invasion from Greece, as they have cores on the islands. One way or the other it is very hard to stay independent, and it is without a doubt one of the most difficult nations to play in the game.

Ionian Islands only production is Fish.pngfish, which is not very good.

One way to stay independent is to sphere Greece fast enough. You should take prestige techs, quickly become a great power and start sphering Greece. Raise the opinion of them if you can and add them to your sphere of influence. That should secure your independence. It is however very difficult.

Another solution is to build up relations with a great power and hope, that they will protect Ionian Islands. That is however also very difficult, since Ionian islands most likely will need a revolution to become independent, and that will reset all relations and alliances.