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Infamy (called "badboy" in the game files) is a value that represents a country's overall threat to other nations. When the infamy of any nation becomes 25 or higher, all other nations of the world will take notice and may declare a punitive war to maintain the global balance of power.

One can see the current infamy next to the red flag on the politics tab

Infamy Costs

The Acquire state casus belli costs up to 11 infamy

These costs only occur outside of the Casus belli system, which determine infamy gains from the justify war action.

Action Cost
Add to Sphere +4
Release Puppet +0.5
Make Puppet +5
Disarmament +11
Demand State +10
Annexation +22
Break a Truce +2
Debt Collection 0

There are also several events and decisions that increase or decrease infamy.


  • POP Consciousness: When above 1.0 in the nation, this creates a modifier of +0.01 consciousness. (This can be modified in the static_modifers.txt file)
  • Great War: While in a great war, infamy costs for the "justify war" function are reduced to 33%

Reducing Infamy

The following actions reduce infamy:

Action Cost
Monthly reduction (at Peace) -0.10
Monthly reduction (at War) -0.033
Release a nation -5
Monthly reduction for being disarmed -0.10

Gamey Options

There are several "gamey" ways to reduce infamy:

  • A great power can sphere Colombia Colombia, build The Panama Canal which annexes a single province, and release Panama Panama as a vassal
  • A formable country can release a nation in the same culture group just before it forms the nation and annexing it again. E.g. Sweden Sweden can release Norway Norway and Jan Mayen Jan Mayen just before it forms Scandinavia Scandinavia; Prussia Prussia can release Danzig Danzig before forming the North German Federation North German Federation; NGF can remove an insane amount of infamy while forming Germany. It is however at the cost of 5 prestige per nation released.
  • Germany and Italy can release puppets to reduce the infamy. If their puppets are in their own sphere(for example, Lucca in Italian sphere) than the event will make the formable countries annex them free. This is unlimited, but at the cost of 5 prestige.
  • Since demand concession casus belli will cost less than 5 infamy (unless the justification is discovered on day 1), it is beneficial to annex a province with foreign cores and release said nation as a puppet. For example, annexing provinces from Oman Oman and releasing Zanzibar Zanzibar, Annexing Zulu Zulu and releasing Zulu and Natalia Natalia, Panjab Panjab's province Kashmircan release two countries, Kashmir Kashmir and Ladakh Ladakh.
  • If one gets an event that gives a free casus belli, one can take a province with a releasable nation and release it.