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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Framsókknarflokkurinn (Liberal)
Capital Iceland (ID 252)
Population 13.97K
Primary culture Icelandic
Accepted cultures
Literacy 87%
National value Liberty
Tech school N/A
Status Civilized

Iceland is a releasable one-province minor civilized nation in the north Atlantic. It starts the game as part of Denmark Denmark. It is one of the smallest countries in the game, both in population and size. It's only production is Fish.pngfish, which certainly doesn not make you rich.

Iceland's position makes it relatively easy to defend, but its lack of population and distance from colonial areas makes expansion difficult. Additionally, its unique primary culture can only be expanded through natural increase and assimilation after conquering other places.

Iceland has an absolutely tiny population base and no starting army, and is likely to be hit hard by frequent population-reducing events such as diseases. Getting enough prestige to become a Secondary Power, building up a Naval Base and colonising is practically compulsory. However, its incredibly high starting literacy rate makes it easy to research.

Like the other Scandinavian countries, Iceland has the possibility to form Scandinavia Scandinavia. This is quite hard, as Iceland can't raise an army or an industry. To form Scandinavia, Iceland needs to be a great power, and in order to be that, one needs at least two states. Iceland's missing army makes it impossible to get another state without powerful allies.