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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Hyderabad (#1283)
Population 1.91M
Primary culture Avadhi
Accepted cultures Marathi, Telegu
Literacy 5.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Hyderabad is entirely surrounded by British India

Hyderabad is one of India's "Princely States", nominally sovereign native Indian states allied with and controlled by the United Kingdom United Kingdom. It is one of the larger princely states, ruled by a Muslim nizam despite a predominantly Hindu.pngHindu population. The Nizam's wealth is legendary; Hyderabad's last ruler was once the richest man in the world. The state lasted until being forcibly incorporated into the new Union of India in 1948.

It can form India India and it is probably the easiest of the not independent Indian states to do so with. If the country is controlled by the AI, it can be annexed by the event The Doctrine of Lapse. There is not anything the country can do to prevent it. However it cannot happen to Hyderabad if it is controlled by the player.

Playing Hyderabad is an interesting, if somewhat boring, exercise in westernization and state-building in what amounts to a private fief as a loyal servant of the British Empire.

Initial Positions

Hyderabad starts as a satellite of the UK with cores covering a large portion of southern India, including Pondicherry, the enclave of France France, but with no way to reclaim them until it breaks free from Great Britain.


One cannot optain research points from conquest, which normally is the most effective way. Therefore, one can only westernize by encouraging clergymen. One can become independent by provoking rebels, but it is not a good thing to do so, as Hyderabad will lose its process towards westernization.