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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Függetlenségi Párt (Conservative)
Capital Budapest (ID 641)
Population 3.49M
Primary culture Hungarian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 13.10%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized

Hungary is by 1836 controlled by Austria Austria but is the rightful owner of most of the land. To play as Hungary, select Austria and choose 'Play as' when releasing Hungary, at the start of the game, Hungary is in a fairly poor position. Low literacy, a very divided population (Hungarians make up around 40% of your total population), and not very many good RGOs for industrializing. You only have one province that has access to the sea, meaning a navy can take a while to build.

It is cornered between 4 powerful great powers: Austria Russia Russia, Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire and Prussia Prussia, so expansion in the near neighbourhood might prove difficult. Additionally Hungary also borders Serbia Serbia and the Ottoman puppets Moldavia Moldavia and Wallachia Wallachia.

Starting up

Your first priorities are to build up a military and increase your literacy. Use the National Focus to encourage Clergymen mini.pngclergymen in your most populous region, Slovakia. Once the percentage of clergy in Slovakia reaches 2%, move on to the next region until all states have 2% clergy. As far as industry is concerned, first switch to the Reactionary party, for State Capitalism. Hungary produces a lot of Fruit.pngfruit and Grain.pnggrain, so begin our industry by building Resource wine.pngWineries and Liquor Distilleries, and if you have enough unemployed workers, build Resource cement.pngCement and Resource glass.pngglass factories. Note: If you change the ruling party you won't be able to chose conservatives again.


Don't worry about encouraging Capitalists mini.png Capitalists, right now the focus is to increase literacy. Hungary makes a decent amount of money even without factories, so set taxes on the rich and middle to the lowest possible, while all spending sliders are as close to 100% as possible. Set taxes on the poor to the lowest you can without running a deficit. Tariffs can stay at zero.

The possibilities of warfare

If one wants to expand overseas, then the North African states are usually a good choice (if France hasn't already destroyed them). Building a fleet of Transports takes time, as you only have one coastal province, so make sure to plan ahead.

Serbia can also be a potential targets, as well as Moldavia or Wallachia.

Otherwise, if one can find a powerful ally nearby, Attacking the Ottoman Empire is possible. Attacking North Italian states are also possible, if they are in a particularly weak spot.

You will most likely end up sphered by either Austria or the Ottoman Empire, though Russia and Prussia/North German Federation North German Federation/Germany Germany are also possible.

A view of an independent Hungary released from Austria in 1936