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Hotkeys are used to navigate the menus of Victoria 2 easier.

Interface screen hotkeys

Header text Header text
F1 Production screen
F2 Budget screen
F3 Technology screen
F4 Politics screen
F5 Population screen
F6 Trade screen
F7 Diplomacy screen
F8 Military screen
ESC Menu

Province hotkeys

a Build army menu
n build navy menu
r build railrod

Game control

Spacebar pause Game
+ increase game speed
- decrease game speed
F11 Screenshot. It will be stored in "Screenshots" directory.
F12 Snapshot of the political world map. Will also be stored in "Screenshots"
Shift + F12 Snapshot of the world map, showing only your country and your satellites

Mapmode hotkeys

q Terrain
w Political
e Infrastructure
r Diplomatic
t Regional
y Revolt risk
u Administrative
i Colonial
o Recruitment
p National Focus
a RGO Output
s Population Density
d Nationality
f Sphere of Influence
g Supply Limit
h Party Loyalty
j Ranking
k Migration
l Civilization Level