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Historical Project Mod
Major Overhaul
0.4.5 (2.6.2019)
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Historical Project Mod (HPM) is a mod created for Heart of Darkness. It incorporates several parts of New Nations Mod and Pop Demand Mod, but has the aim of not changing the base game dramatically but rather correcting the 1836 start and adding historical flavour. It also aims to maintain a degree of historical plausibility.


Historical Flavour

Events and Decisions

HPM adds a large amount of these, including the Neuchatel Crisis, Ottoman flavour, 36" or fight for the CSA, Texan claims and the Ezo Republic. Wars will occur that previously were not included, for example the Russian expansion into the Caucasus.


New reforms are added to fit with the historical times. Existing reforms are also changed, for example communist countries are not allowed slavery and universal healthcare cannot exist without first having researched medicine.


More graphics are added, such as rebel icons and icons for casus bellis.


Serf POP

HPM adds the new serf POP. These are generally conservative POPs who have poor literacy and work as labourers and farmers. Notably, they are unable to promote.

New Cultures

A number of new cultures are added across the world, including Gypsies, Bretons and Australians. These are included in the 1836 scenario.


The world slave population is reworked, and most countries now have slaves in line with the historical figures. Slaves are given their historical demographics in regard to religion. Slaves are also no longer fixed in their numbers, and can grow and shrink randomly.

General Fixes

Other changes includes different ideological inclinations for Muslim and Shinto POPs, a fix for non-accepted pops becoming fascist over the country they are not accepted in having revanchism and capitalist POPs will no longer be accepted by communist countries or promote in them.

1836 Start

HPM makes a number of changes to the 1836 starting date. Most notably, it fixes the population figures and statistics, as well as adding cores, historical generals and properly incorporating the new cultures it adds.

Mechanics and Gameplay Improvement

  • Participation in elections is now optional - the AI can be allowed to take over the decision-making for election events, instead of the player having to manually click through them.
  • AI improvement - the AI will now use national foci more intelligently, as well as making better choices concerning events and technological research.
  • The player can decide if they want to lock the crisis mechanic in the early game, considering that in this period it often leads to odd outcomes.

Improved Map

The mod adds numerous improvements to the map, such as fixing borders, fixing coastlines and removing a number of graphical glitches. It also repurposes previously useless islands in the Arctic Circle to colonies 'and more.'

Development History

The mod has been developed by one user, arkhometha. Development was started on Mod DB until June 5, 2019 when development was moved to Github.