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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Mecca (ID 1151)
Population 119.4 thousand
Primary culture Mashriqi
Accepted cultures
Religion Sunni.pngSunni
Literacy 6.5%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized nation
Arabian Peninsula in 1836

Hedjaz is a one-state uncivilized nation in the western Middle East on the Arabian peninsula. Despite its position fairly near the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire and near where The Suez Canal will be, Hedjaz is relatively safe from conquest, giving it opportunity to expand well.


An important immediate feature of Hedjaz is its accepted culture - Mashriqi - most of which is tied up in more powerful nations that don't have it as an accepted culture. Therefore, seeking to expand it early is important. An early conquest of Yemen may be useful to expand this culture.

Because much of the Middle East has pretty low-value resources in the earlier parts of the game, it's worth expanding further afield. Johore Johore is useful if it can be conquered, with three Precious metal.pngprecious metal resources, both helping your economy and encouraging migration (as well as assimilation). The catch is that clippers are very expensive early game, and even if Hedjaz manages to build some, it will still need resources to sail across the Indian Ocean. When Hedjaz has enough people and money, it may be able to expand into the Mashriqi-culture portions of Egypt, which should greatly aid in trying to expand National Focus.

While Hedjaz is rarely attacked by the Great Powers, all the same it's important to keep good standings with them. One is more than sufficiently defended, while Ottoman Empire remain a great power. Once Hedjaz civilizes, you can pour much diplomatic weight into this (seeing as most local nations will be behind in technology.)


Hedjaz can form Arabia Arabia if it becomes a Great power, just like any other Arabian nation. Hedjaz is necessary for Nejd Nejd to conquer if it wants to form Arabia itself. Despite that, the AI Nejd usually remains peacefully. If you are not playing HOD you are not in Ottomans sphere however, so that might be a little more dangerous.