Heavenly Kingdom

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Heavenly Kingdom
Heavenly Kingdom.png
Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party East King
Capital Nanjing (ID 2221)
Population 7.06 million
Primary culture Nanfaren
Accepted cultures Beifaren
Literacy N/A
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized nation

The Heavenly Kingdom is a rebel state within China China, representing the second (sedentary) stage of the Taiping movement under Hong Xiuquan, who declared himself the younger brother of Jesus Christ and the rightful Emperor of China (which, he said -- with support from ancient Chinese texts -- had originally had basically Christian values, but was subsequently lured away by a long series of corrupt foreigners, the most recent of whom were the Manchus). When Heavenly Kingdom declares independence and war in the Chinese Empire, they will both have the annex casus belli, and the war will end with one of them annexing the other.

To play as Heavenly Kingdom, one has to start the game as China, wait for the Civil war and choose Heavenly Kingdom as his/her side.

The Chinese substates will not take part in the war and the winner will inherit the substates as they are acknowledged as the true emperor of China. The fact that the winner will inherit annex the other, (re)gain control over the substates, and that Heavenly Kingdom will have the same techs and reforms as China, means that all the advantages, that the player have gained while playing China, will be preserved, when one continues as Heavenly Kingdom.

This is a very difficult nation to form on your own and even harder to start as, however, with a friend in multiplayer, it can be done much more easily.

The event to create Heavenly Kingdom

The event which forms Heavenly Kingdom is called The Taiping Rebellion. It is a major event, that can happen if China has an average consciousness of at least 3. It has a mean time to happen of 12 months, which is multiplied 10 fold between 1845 and 1855. On the other hand, it is reduced to 6 months between 1855 and 1865 and further reduced to 1.2 months afterwards.

Forming Heavenly Kingdom in Multiplayer in the Grand Campaign.

First of all, your coop player will need to begin the game as the Russia Russia and ally with you immediately because you will need to throw its manpower and size around. While China focuses on Westernizing conquering the small weak nations in Asia (like Burma Burma and Dai Nam Dai Nam), Russia will need to begin expanding into Persia Persia and Kokand Kokand in order to increase the size of the front it will be using later and to build a path for Chinese troops. Russia should also fully mobilize before ending the war with Persia. China, since it is so large, may be put in charge of these Russian wars so just grab as much land as possible for the Slavs. As Russia bites off pieces for Persia, there is a chance that an international crisis will occur; This is the best thing you can hope for. As the Great powers line up against Russia, there is almost certainly a world war coming, again, Russia needs to be mobilized.

The next stage of the plan is the greatest war you will ever know. Most, if not all of the Great Powers will declare war on Russia as its infamy has been growing and they have an opportunity. China must be added to these wars and it must call all of its allies and satellites, you'll need them. Now the Europeans will push Russia back to the East, the most Russia can hope for is to slow them down and let China advance its technology as much as possible before they are hit. China must at this point supply Russia with all of its troops. Literally all of them. Keep making more.

The goal has now moved from westernizing to making as many rebels spawn as possible by taxing everyone and making more troops. Rebels will spawn soon and they will revolutionize China once or three times, this cancels all the vassals China had and cripples her greatly. You'll then get an event stating that Taiping has risen and the Heavenly Kingdom is upon us. You must select to play as the Heavenly Kingdom and fight what is left of China which shouldn't be hard. Then Unite the Nation, you're no longer at war with the great powers, good luck with your nice royal blue China.

This will however greatly damage how powerful Heavenly Kingdom can become.