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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royalists (Conservative)
Capital Hawaii (658)
Population 25,200
Primary culture Polynesian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 80%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
A picture the independent Hawaii in 1836 out from the Coast of Mexico

The Kingdom of Hawaii is a small Polynesian island nation off the western coast of the Americas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In its history, it was united under King Kamehameha the Great around 1810, who formally founded the Kingdom of Hawaii. Under his dynasty, Hawaii would gradually begin partially westernising under the influence of the Great Powers of Europe and the United States, mostly in the form of the various American Christian missionaries who settled the islands early in their history.

Before long, Hawaii mostly converted to Christianity, established a constitutional monarchy by 1840 and engaged heavily in the sugar trade. The families of Christian missionaries eventually became powerful sugar plantation owners, who begun steadily seizing control of the Hawaiian government at the expense of the native Islanders. Tensions between the missionaries and the ruling family led to an American-backed coup in 1893 that saw the overthrow of Queen Liliʻuokalani, the establishment of the Republic of Hawaii led by the plantation families and the white minority, and finally the islands' annexation by USA USA in 1898.

Hawaii can be annexed by the American decision The Newlands Resolution, if it is sphered by USA. It is not possible if Hawaii is controlled by a player. This usually happens, as no other great power has an interest in Hawaii.

1836 - the Polynesian Kingdom

Hawaii starts off with one tiny island, a single regiment of infantry, a population consisting mostly of farmers and an economy based on fishing. There is next to nothing in the bank and that is quickly draining away to pay for the upkeep of the frankly pitiful army. On the plus side, Hawaii has perhaps the highest level of literacy out of any uncivilised power, and even a lot of the civilised ones. This is, of course, a great boon to research.

It is advised to disband the army because there is no threat nor possibility for conqquest.

It is possibly the only nation, that can play an entire game without war of any kind.


Even though USA has a decision to annex Hawaii (The Newlands Resolution), it cannot be taken as it requires Hawaii to be AI controlled (at least post-AHD). Furthermore, as one are usually sphered by the USA, which should protect Hawaii from any harm. One cannot annex anything to speak of before one is sphered by USA, so that is not a viable way to get research points for westernization. It should not however be a problem due to Hawaii's good literacy

Hawaii - Post-Westernisation

Immediately after Westernising one should make efforts to build up the economy and prepare for the colonization of the Pacific Ocean.

Possibilities for conquest

After westernization it is finally possible to consider attacking some uncivilized nations. There is not many nations, that is small enough for Hawaii to take on, but still worth the warfare. Brunei Brunei or Bali Bali is such a nation as they open up for the possibility to Colonize parts of South East Asia.

Otherwise one can look for an alliance with USA, which should make it possible to attack something with their help. Haiti Haiti, Colombia Colombia or Venezuela Venezuela could be a possibility.

Colonization and Late Game

After 1870 and sufficient research and discoveries, Hawaii can colonize Polynesia, home of many primary culture Polynesian POP's.

The main rivals will be Britain and France, both of whom will be colonising the area as well. Russia Russia, USA or a strong Japan Japan or Netherlands Netherlands could also do so. The rest of the Hawaiian state should be the first priority, as the extra provinces give the homeland a much-needed economic boost. All of Polynesia will quickly be turned into states. Once all the Polynesian areas are claimed one can expand into Micronesian and Melanesian areas as well.

If one have annexed Brunei or any other South east Asian nation, one can also colonize Borneo and Papua New Guinea. They are technically reachable from Hawaii with a big enough naval base, but it is way easier if one have conquered land closer to.

The American Threat in vanilla

In Vanilla one does have one big danger looming omnipresently in the east; annexation by the United States by the decision The Newlands Resolution. If at any point the United States adds Hawaii to their sphere of influence, they can immediately annex it with the decision The Newlands Resolution and there is absolutely nothing one can do it about it once it happens. USA will do it every game. The only way to avoid this, is to be added to another Great Power's sphere. Either France France or United Kingdom United Kingdom will do but one has to do it quickly, so get to courting one of them every time one has the diplomatic points to spare.

To permanently remove the threat one has to become a great power.