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Government type Presidential Dictatorship
Ruling party Parti Nationalist (Reactionary)
Capital Port Au Prince (ID 2213)
Population 160.19 thousand
Primary culture Afro Antillean
Accepted cultures Caribeno, Afro Caribeno
Literacy 8%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A picture of Haiti and the rest of the Caribbean Islands in 1836

Haiti is a nation placed on the island Hispanola east of USA USA. It controls the modern day area of Haiti and Dominican Republic Dominican Republic. The primary culture is Afro Antillean while Afro Caribeno and Caribeno are accepted. There are a few advantages and disadvantages in playing Haiti.

- Haiti is an OSM (one state minor) so it will be very easy to get literacy up.
- It is in the Americas, this means that all the others are just as weak as you are and get tons of immigration.
- No one is interested in Haiti's little piece of the Americas: if you declare war on any country
they will try to peace out as fast as they can.

- Haiti is an OSM.
- Its population is very small and Haiti tends to get a lot of disease events due to the difficulty of maintaining POP needs, .
- The government system is a presidential dictatorship: you will barely get any immigrants as a dictatorship. It is however very easy to reform into a democracy.
- The first part of the game will be very uneventful.
- Dominican Republic has cores on half the country and might provoke a crisis.

Starting up

The player will notice that your country is small, has low literacy, a minimum amount of cash and an extremely pathetic army. To start out: the player should immediately set the national focus to encourage either Clergymen mini.pngclergymen or Bureaucrats mini.pngbureaucrats. The reason for this is, because to compete with the rest of the world, we have to get research going. Experiment a bit with the budget sliders, but remember: to succeed in nearly any goal one can think of, one needs high literacy and high administrative efficiency. Haiti also need to get its industry running. A Resource cement.pngcement factory should be enough for now. For research the player needs the educational efficiency tech.

There is not an ideal target for conquest, so one has to be creative. Denmark Denmark owns the island of Saint Thomas and will not be able to defend it.