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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Partido Liberal
Capital Guatemala (ID 2186)
Population 119.10 thousand
Primary culture Central American
Literacy 9.6%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized nation
A picture the united USCA in 1836. It broke into Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El salvador in 1841

Guatemala is a minor Central American nation, which starts as a part of United States of Central America United States of Central America. It can be formed by the decision Become Guatemala or it can be released normally.

It borders Honduras Honduras, El Salvador El Salvador and British Belize, and it is the largest and probably the powerful of the 5 nations making up USCA.

Become Guatemala will actually make the country much smaller and thus weaker, so from a solely strategic point of view it is a bad decision to make, but it might serve roleplaying purposes. One can consider to release all of the other Countries in USCA voluntarily, so that they will be puppets of Guatemala instead of fully independent countries.

The 4 other countries, Colombia Colombia or Mexico Mexico might become a threat, but it is not really an present danger. Getting into UKs or USA USAs sphere will remove all threats for good.

In the 1861 scenario it is an independent country alongside the 4 other Central American nations. The strategy is not that different from playing a released nation in 1836.