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Guangxi Clique

Guangxi Clique
Government type Absolute Monarhy
Ruling party Rongting Faction (Reactionary)
Capital Nanning
Population 9,86M
Primary culture Zhuang
Literacy 9,7 %
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized

Guangxi Clique is a releasable nation in southern China China. In AHD and HOD it is replaced by the semi-independent substate Guangxi Guangxi.

Why Play Them?

  • Powerful starting provinces.
  • Don't have to worry about UK or   Russian aggression early game (the only aggression one might have to worry about is Portuguese and the worst they can do is blockade Guangxi).
  • Having a small number of states makes it easier to get 4% Clergy.


As the game begins, one should try to build up an army. The starting tech should probably be Freedom of Trade or Rights of Man. Put the National Focus in clergy in the most populous state and move on to the second most populate when the first has 4% clergy. It's worth noting that Guangxi start out Reactionary enough to roll back a reform.

This early   Portugal might declare war on Guangxi. They can blockade you, but they are not able to do much more than that.

Once military is built up, attack   Dai Nam to Humiliate and Release Satellite for the prestige. This war should be pretty simple.

After that war, one should be looking to the first territorial gain.   Korea (about 2.5 million men) or a bit more risky   Japan (Osaka and Nagoya together have about 3 million men). They will however come back for them. Guangxi needs a fleet for both alternatives. A third option is south east asia with Dai Nam,   Siam, or   Johore

Humiliate unciv minors to get enough prestige for westernizing all the other requirements will be gotten with time.