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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Rongting Faction
Capital Nanning (ID 1502)
Population 23,43 million
Primary culture Zhuang
Accepted cultures Yeu, Nanfaren
Literacy 3.5%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
China in 1836 with all its substates

Guangxi is the second largest and second most populated of the Chinese substates, but can easily become a dominating Great Power by itself. It is bordered by China China to the north, its fellow sub-state Yunnan Yunnan to the west and Dai Nam Dai Nam to the south. It start as a puppet of China and if China westernizes before Guangxi it will inherited as a real state in China and the game will be over.

Therefore, it is very important to westernize as quickly as possible to break the Chinese rule, which will end if Guangxi westernizes before China. China will however still have cores on all of Guangxi. As soon as Guangxi westernizes it will properly be at least a secondary power due to its large military.

If one starts an industry as soon as Guangxi westernizes the combined military and industrial score can lead to great power status and the end of the Chinese rule in Guangxi.

Its economy has loads of potential ready to be exploited. One, Guangxi has tons of population. This means it's relatively easy to industrialize since there's so many farmers. Factories can easily get goods from the enormous farmer population so factory input is not heavily bothersome.

Starting up

As a sub-state one cannot attack nor make alliances with other countries, which is a huge obstruction. Uncivilized nations can usually get a lot of research points from conquering other nations, but this is not the case with a sub-state. This means that all the research points towards westernization has to come from literacy and Clergymen mini.pngclergymen. The national focus should be used right away to promote clergymen. Start with the most populate state and move on.

One can consider to let a revolution get through in the early years. Guangxi will lose its westernization process, but one will also be free of Chinese rule. Otherwise one can hope for a revolution in Peking.