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Government type HM's Government
Ruling party French Faction (conservative)
Capital Athens (ID 834)
Population 224.99 thousand
Primary culture Greek
Accepted cultures
Religion Orthodox.pngOrthodox
Literacy 22%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A picture of Greece in the shadow of The Ottoman Empire in 1836

Greece is a civilized nation south of Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire which controls large parts of the Greek states. It is surely an interesting country to play. They start out with a rural population, almost no capitalists, and very little territory. They are however surrounded by neighbors in decline and minors looking for help, so improving the nation should be possible. Greece starts in the sphere of United Kingdom United Kingdom which certainly helps on achieving Greece' ambitions.

It is possible for Greece to form the Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire, which is considered an Easter egg.

Initial position

Rightful Greek land

Greece has a lot of cores which it does not control. Egyptian Crete Crete, Ionian Islands Ionian Islands and Ottoman Macedonia should be returned to their rightful owners.


Greece has a bad economy in the beginning. Due to this, one will need to raise taxes and raise tariffs, while most likely cutting budget. At least initially, Greece cannot maintain a military budget, and education and administrative budgets might also be hard to maintain.

So how does Greece get out of this economic trouble? Greece is a small country with a very, very small budget in 1836, and not much of an economy. Fortunately, they are also an absolute monarchy and parties can be changed at will. The reactionary Russian Faction supports State Capitalism, which is useful when a nation does not have any Capitalists mini.pngcapitalists.

In terms of future industry, Greece produces some Cotton.pngcotton which can be used for a Resource regular clothes.pngclothes factory, and Fruit.pngfruit which can be used for a Resource wine.pngwinery. It does however severely lack Coal.pngcoal and Iron.pngiron.

Starting out

Just like any country with low literacy, one should use the national focus to promote clergymen in the largest states.

Greece's main problem in 1836 is its poverty. Although Greece has very little money and few capitalists, one can consider borrowing money to build a factory. Eliminating the deficit entirely can, in fact, be done without making any sacrifices at all, if one plays one's cards right.

Greek politics

Greece starts out as an absolute monarchy, but it has a decision Voule ton Ellinon which changes the government to HM's Government. Unlike an absolute monarchy, this allows all kinds of parties, but it offers a little less control of the politics of Greece. One must consider the opportunity.

Retaking the Greek cores


In the early years it is important to watch Egypt Egypt. The Ottoman Empire has cores on half of the Egyptian land so a war will eventually come. Because of this it is a good idea to take Crete while the Egyptians are distracted by the Oriental Crisis. The fleet will be vulnerable if Greece is the only one attacking Egypt, but they will ultimately offer little resistance if they are focusing on the Ottoman Empire. Egypt starts out with a navy that more than matches the Greek one, but they might choose to disband it to save money. If they choose to do so, retaking Crete will be even easier.

East and West Macedonia, Cyprus, Aegean Islands

Greece does at some point need to face the previously so mighty Ottoman Empire. The empire is however not the threat that it once was. The Greek provinces in the empire will likely cause several crises. Otherwise one can build up the strength to take action and attack.

A strong fleet will help tremendously in the war, as one can trap any Ottoman troops that are placed in the Asian part of the empire by blocking the Bosphorus Strait by Istanbul. One does however need a considerable stronger fleet, as one does also need transport ships to occupy islands while holding the strait.

A continued alliance with UK will help as they have the most powerful fleet in the world.

Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands start in the sphere and as a puppet of UK, which makes them impossible to take by war. The Ionian Islands cannot be considered exactly valuable, but Greece will most likely receive them for free. UK will at some point after they have invented Nationalism and Imperialism take the decision Treaty of London (1864) to hand them over.

The Megali Idea

After taking its initial cores, Greece can take a decision called The Megali Idea, which will give cores on several states in Anatolia and also Thrace. It should not be a problem to take those, if one have already proven that Greece can beat The Ottoman Empire. The Megali Idea requires all of Greece's cores and the discovery of National Fraternity.

In order to take Thrace, it must not be the Ottoman Empire's capital state (it contains Istanbul). If the empire loses Rumalia (Bulgaria) and East Macedonia, it gets a decision to move the capital to Ankara. So in addition to cores, it is advantageous to either conquer Rumalia or release Bulgaria.

Other targets of conquest

Once this is done, one can consider using the alliance with UK to establish a protectorate over Johore Johore, Burma Burma or any of the South Asian nations. Johore is home to two gold mines while the others have valuable resources like Tobacco.pngtobacco, Opium.pngopium, Tropical wood.pngtropical wood, Tea.pngtea, and, later on, Resource oil.pngoil. They will surely help the Greek economy. Taking coastal provinces in the region also opens the possibility of colonizing the unclaimed parts of Indonesia and South east Asia.

One can also go after specifically provinces with Coal.pngcoal as that is lacking in Greece proper.

Forming the Byzantine Empire

It is possible for Greece to form the Byzantine Empire! The conditions that need to be in place to be able to take this decision are that Greece should have Greek as the primary culture, be a great power, control all of Greece's cores, own Istanbul in the state of Thrace (Istanbul will become Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire) and the entirety of the Konya, Bursa, and Izmir regions, and have the government type either HM's Government or Absolute Monarchy.

However, Istanbul is the capital of the Ottoman Empire and capitals are not claimable by other nations. Luckily the Ottoman Empire will get the event Flight from Istanbul which moves the capital to Ankara, if they lose East Macedonia and Rumelia so dismantling the Ottomans entirely is not necessary.

All of the regions that are needed to control to refound the Byzantine Empire, except Konya, will be cored by The Megali Idea. Even though the Ottoman Empire generally tends to go into decline, they are nonetheless still a difficult nation to deal with.