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Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Orléaniste (liberal)
Capital Paris (ID 425)
Population 8.78 million
Primary culture French
Accepted cultures French Canadian
Literacy 58.3%
National value Equality
Tech school Avantgarde Intelligentsia
Status Great power
A view of France and Iberia in 1836

”Vive la France!

Although Napoleon's empire is gone, the legacy of the French Revolution continues to influence France and the rest of Europe. Having seen the rise of a republic, an empire, and then a restored traditional monarchy, it begins the game in 1836 as a popular constitutional monarchy under the liberal Orléanists. France nonetheless continues to possess a strong army, navy, and economy, despite the decades of upheaval, allowing it to remain among the top three great powers and giving it the potential to rise to the number one ranking. The looming United Kingdom United Kingdom and the emerging German power of Prussia Prussia pose a threat to France's ambitions, however, causing it to shift its designs outside the continent and towards the rich lands of Asia and Africa.

The biggest obstacle to its rise is the country's low birth rate, especially compared to the neighboring German states. Due to the threat of Prussia, France must be prepared to fight a war in defense of Alsace-Lorraine that could either cause or prevent the rise of the German Empire. On its path to regain the powerful position it held under both the Ancien Régime and Napoleon, France will also likely have to deal with revolutionaries, expand its influence by gaining a large overseas colonial empire, and maintain the balance of power in Europe.


French is the main culture of France and French Canadian is an accepted culture. Its main religion is Catholic, which is also the state religion. In 1836 France has 53.36% farmers, 31.86% labourers and 10.27% artisans. France ruling party is the liberal Orléaniste. France has great industrial potential, that big that with industry points it can easily surpass Britain and become #1.

Unique decisions and events



France have a lot of unique positive events. There will especially be a lot of events giving prestige without any effort.


France is one of the top three great powers at the beginning of the game. It has a strong army, navy and high literacy. France starts with a colony in Guyana, the coast of Algiers and several smaller African colonies. However, many challenges remain. A low birthrate and even more so to the east, Prussia Prussia/NGF/Germany will cause the downfall of France if one does not prepare for these challenges. The single most important war over Alsace Lorraine will either result in the German empire forming or will cripple their ambitions.

Due to France's relatively dominant position on continental Europe and a plethora of colonies around the globe, a French player is presented with various different options to pursue. Here are some of your major options.


A workable literacy rate and a rich country means, that France does not have to limit itself when it comes to research.

In general matching Prussias army technology, getting ready for colonization and getting prestige from culture technologies are the most important aspects.

It is worth noting that two French decisions requires a tech, which can be researched right away. La Légion étrangère requires Army Professionalism and The Lambert Charter requires Ideological Thought. Especially La Légion étrangère is worth prioritizing early, as the 0.01 prestige pr month and the 1% immigrant attraction runs for the rest of game.

Many other French decisions require certain tech later in the game, and most are worth actively pursuing.


Prussia is the dominant state fighting for the control of what will become Germany and is ultimately an enemy to France as they will come for Alsace-Lorraine. A good move in the early game is to attempt to weaken the Prussians through an early war to claim their Western Provinces.

To prepare for the war we will want to build forts along Alsace-Lorraine and shift our armies to the French border with Prussia. Begin to justify a war to "Acquire State." Alternatively, a decision to claim "The Left Bank" can provide an "Acquire State" CB for a cost of 4 Infamy. Prussia will be very weak without being Germany and these early conquests could go as far as to prevent a major rival in the East. An early alliance with Denmark Denmark or Austria Austria will prove beneficial as it will serve to contain the Prussians and prevent any further expansion. The conquest of Prussia should be quite simple and will allow you to pick up 2 States in Prussia's Western holdings along your border. This will cut a massive part of the Prussian industry down and will prevent the forming of the North German Federation North German Federation, so long as you hold those states.

With your new holdings in Prussia you have now prevented a formidable foe from rising up and will be able to slowly annex minor German states as the game progresses.


In regards to diplomacy, the main objective is to counter Prussia. Prussia and minor German states have superior military skills to France. Russia Russia or Austria Austria are therefore natural Great power allies. Alliances with Switzerland Switzerland, Belgium Belgium, or the Italian states are also valuable.

Sphering neighboring countries

Sphering neighboring countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain Spain will help later on whenever you are in trouble, especially Belgium and Switzerland as they will become very loyal to France after sphering them. Sardinia-Piedmont Sardinia-Piedmont and Two Sicilies can also be sphered but it is usually lost when Italy Italy forms. Having good relations with Sardinia-Piedmont is probably a good idea because of the decision Cavour's Diplomacy.

Other options

France has many other options to pursue. Examples range from acquiring states from Spain Spain (especially Catalonia Catalonia is valuable) to establishing a greater presence in the Americas. Other options include Removing the British influence in Belgium, and annexing them or annexing Sardinia from Sardinia-Piedmont and Sicily from Two Sicilies Two Sicilies

French Colonial Empire

French Ghana together with Sokoto as well as Dutch, Danish and English Ghana

Historically France played a major role in the European colonization of the world, and it is advisable that the player does so as well. The country has lost some of its holdings during the French Revolution and subsequent conflicts, but regaining a large empire is far from impossible. The colonies will serve the purpose of boosting one's economy and providing more manpower to deal with threats on the continent.


France has minor holdings in Africa, and one can pursue to participate in the scramble for Africa. In the beginning of the game, one can choose to follow the historical route and attack Tunis Tunis and Algeria Algeria in North Africa, or one can choose to focus on the more southern parts of Africa like Sokoto Sokoto or Portugal Portugal's holdings.

The decisions The Lambert Charter and End the Merina Monarchy can be used to fully annex Madagascar Madagascar.


At the beginning of the game, French possessions in the Americas are limited to a couple of islands in the Caribbean, a sole island near Canada, and the territory of Guyana on the South American coast. If the player wishes to follow the historical route, an invasion of Haiti Haiti (which gained independence from France during the Revolution) as early as 1836 is a good move to begin restoring the French presence in the region. The United States of America United States of America tend to sphere it quickly so attacking Haiti as early as possible is recommended.

As France has French Canadian as an accepted culture, taking Quebec Quebec back from the United Kingdom might be a good idea.

Far East

Historically France annexed Dai Nam and other parts of South East Asia. One can pursue that route or try to attack Japan Japan before they westernize. Otherwise The Netherlands are relatively weak and without allies in the beginning of the game, so one can try to take over their holdings in South East Asia especially Java.