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Government type HM's government
Ruling party Katholieke Partij (conservative)
Capital Brussels
Population 442.250
Primary culture Flemish
Accepted cultures Dutch
Literacy 50%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
January 1st 1836. Flandern and Wallonia united in Belgium

Flandern is a small nation in Europe releasable from Belgium Belgium. It is one of the most industrialised areas in the world at the start of the game, comparable only to England. Despite rightfully being Flemish, Brussels will remain Belgian when released. Besides the main culture Flemish, Dutch is an accepted culture. One can consider also releasing Wallonia Wallonia, when starting the game. Flandern is placed between the Giants of France France, United Kingdom United Kingdom across the channel and Germany Germany. Even the Netherlands Netherlands seems mighty and powerful.

One should beware that Netherlands has cores on Flandern until they sign the Treaty of London, and unlike Belgium, Flandern does not have great powers defending them. First priority is to get a powerful ally as soon as possible. If one is lucky, the Netherlands will attack Belgium first, and get beaten down by United Kingdom United Kingdom.

After the first threat is gone, one should attempt to reclaim Brussels. Belgium is however still guaranteed by the Brits. After that, the obvious targets of conquest are Belgium and Netherlands since they have more of Flandern's accepted culture, Dutch. After that one could consider attacking Denmark or Haiti and Colombia in the Americas.