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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Suomalainen Puolue (conservative)
Capital Helsinki
Population 371.850
Primary culture Finnish
Accepted cultures Swedish, Sami
Literacy N/A
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Finland is in Russian control at the start of the game

Today Finland is an independent nation in Scandinavia. In the game it starts as a part of Russia Russia with cores in northern and southern Finland. It can form and take part of Scandinavia Scandinavia. Usually it stays as a part of Russia the entire game. It has a resource of Iron.pngiron which is helps an industry well.

Foreign Aggresions

Finland has both Swedish and Russian cores and should expect a lot of aggression from these countries. The way forward for Finland is to keep good relations with Russia. Accept any alliance from them and focus on educating your population. A good permanent solution would be to put in the Russian Sphere, which luckily is likely to happen. Sweden Sweden loses its cores in Finland when it makes the decision Abandon Finland.

Use the national foci to encourage Clergymen mini.pngclergymen to 4% to get research running. It is needed to get prestige from Cultural techs and to industrialize. Both are needed if Finland intends to be a Great Power.


One will have a very hard time to expand in Europe. Therefore, one has to look at Asia, Africa or Americas to find plausible targets. If one manages to ally Russia one can use it to attack some of Russias neighbours.