Excavation Rights Requested

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Luxor is placed in Egyptian Desert

Excavation Rights Requested is an Egypt Egyptian event, which is created by the great power decision The Valley of Kings. The Great power has asked for rights to excavate The grave of Tutankhamun.

If Egypt chooses to accept Go for it!, it gives the great power in question the event Egypt Grants Excavation Rights, which improves relations between Egypt and the Great power by 20 and gives the great power 5 prestige. If it chooses to decline The Valley is Ours!, it instead gives the great power the event Egypt Denies Excavation Rights, which on the other hand damages the relation by 20 and the great power loses 5 prestige.

An AI Egypt has a 30% chance of accepting the proposal. This is tripled to 90% if the asking nation has more than 65 prestige.

Flavour text

The in-game flavour text states: (Great Power) has requested Excavation rights in the Valley of Kings. While we do not have the know how or money to fund a serious excavation of the area, and a foreign contractor might be good for that reason, it might also be best to let the mysteries of our proud nation's history lie undisturbed until such a time, where we can ourselves find them. Turning down a foreign power will spoil our relations though.