Enact Woman's Suffrage

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Enact Woman's Suffrage is a decision that can be taken by all civilized nations, that has elections. It shows up in the decision tab after 1870, and can be taken once a list of conditions are met 1) the nation has researched Social Science and Revolution & Counterrevolution 2) the upper house has to be at least 30% socialist or 30% liberal 3) and either at least 15% of the population wants a voting reform or the country has universal voting 4) average consciousness is at least 4

It reduces war exhaustion by 2 and makes some changes to the voting patterns. The rich (Capitalists mini.pngcapitalists and Aristocrats mini.pngaristocrats) vote counts 1% less. The middle strata (Officers mini.pngofficers, clergy, Bureaucrats mini.pngbureaucrats, Clerks mini.pngclerks and Artisans mini.pngartisans) vote counts 2% more. The poor population (Craftsmen mini.pngcraftsmen, Farmers mini.pngfarmers, Labourers mini.pnglabourers and Soldiers mini.pngsoldiers) vote 5% more. It also reduces militancy in all non-colonial states by 0.02 pr. month. The effect lasts until the end of the game, or until the Government type changes to one without elections.

Since every POP represents a nuclear family, there isn't actually any women in the game.