El Salvador

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El Salvador
El Salvador.png
Government type Democracy
Ruling party Partido Conservador (conservative)
Capital San Salvador
Population 106.42 thousand, 425.70 thousand in total
Primary culture Central American
Accepted cultures
Literacy 9 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized nation
A picture the united USCA in 1836. It broke into Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El salvador in 1841

El Salvador is a nation in Central America, that can be released by the United States of Central America United States of Central America. It is the smallest of the 5 nations making up USCA, as it only controls the Capital San Salvador and a neighbouring province. It borders Guatemala Guatemala and Honduras Honduras. That also makes it the most likely to be force its independence by rebels, as they only have to occupy the province it spawns in and one more. Despite it's small size, it is actually one of the larger USCA states measured in population. Only Guatemala is slightly bigger. Furthermore the entire population is of the primary culture; Central American.

Following the breakup of the USCA, El Salvador, along with Guatemala Guatemala, Costa Rica Costa Rica, Nicaragua Nicaragua and Honduras Honduras, is an independent country in the 1861 setting.

El Salvador is pretty safe with no immediate threats because of the high cost of 22 infamy for annexing the country. That is especially true after they inevitably will be put in USA's sphere


All the five nations share the same primary culture, Central American, so the first steps of the strategy would actually be to try to conquer the other states of the former USCA. At some point or another all of the nations of USCA will be sphered by the US, and thus making conquest in the local area impossible. Promoting Clergymen mini.pngclergymen is key to improve the bad literacy of the country.

Immediately after being released, El Salvador can pass a political reform, as liberals control more than 50% of the upper house. It will boost immigration to El Salvador, and is generally a good decision to do so. As more than half of the voting population is reactionary it will however change after a year, and then one can choose to remove a reform, which will of course hurt immigration then.

El Salvadors two provinces produces Coffee.pngcoffee which is valuable and Tropical wood.pngtropical wood which can be used for a Resource luxury furniture.pngluxury furniture factory.