Egypt Denies Excavation Rights

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Luxor, placed in Egyptian Desert, is the province needed to excavate the Valley of Kings

Egypt Denies Excavation Rights is an event following the decision The Valley of Kings. A great power has asked permission to excavate The Valley of Kings, and Egypt Egypt has decided to reject the excavation in the Egyptian event Excavation Rights Requested. An AI controlled Egypt has a 30% chance of accepting the excavation, unless the great power in question has more than 65 prestige. Then Egypt has a 90% chance of accepting. If they do not, this event fires.

It decreases the prestige of the great power by 5 and decreases relations by 20.

If Egypt denies, it is not possible to retake the decision, but it is however possible for a Great power to sphere Egypt or annex the province of Luxor, and then excavate the Valley of Kings.