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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Partido Liberal (liberal)
Capital Quito (ID: 2279)
Population 219 thousand
Primary culture North Andean
Accepted cultures
Literacy 7%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A view of the splitted Gran Colombia

Ecuador is a minor civilised country in South America and one of only 2 that doesn't border Brazil Brazil initially. Due to its mostly homogeneous population, and almost single-state status it is possible to develop a surprising industrial and military score, as well as rapidly boost literacy to lead Ecuador peacefully to Great Power status in the relatively early stages of the game. Peru Peru has a core on Ecuadors land, but it should be possible to hold them off, especially when their alliance with Bolivia Bolivia breaks.

With Liberty as its national value, Ecuador is also a very robust country with great potential. However, carefully chosen research, careful selection of allies, and military conquest will be required to ensure that it remains a GP. In AHD and HOD it has the possibility to form Gran Colombia Gran Colombia with Venezuela Venezuela, Colombia Colombia and Panama Panama.


There is no obvious target for conquest for Ecuador, so one have to be a little creative. One can attack Colombia or Venezuela, but that is not advised since they can be annexed peacefully by forming Gran Colombia. One can on the other hand look south to Peru or north to USCA USCA. It is hard for Ecuador to conquer anything on its own, so one can choose target according to which alliance that is possible to make. There is a few targets to consider.

In South America

  • Dutch Guyana: If one manages to ally with a European power Dutch Guyana might be a good target. It is tough but not if the Dutch is forced to keep their European forces in Europe. In addition to more land, one also gets a land border with Venezuela, which makes them easier to sphere.
  • Peru. One might need an Alliance with Brazil, Argentina Argentina or Chile Chile, but it is then possible attack them.
  • Chile/Argentina. If one is allied to the other nation, and the target does not have an alliance with Brazil, one can consider to attack them. They both have Iron and sulphur which are good for Industrialisation.
  • USCA. If one gets an Alliance with Mexico Mexico, one can take one the United States of Central America. They have some relatively good cash crops.

No matter which target one chooses, one have to thouroughly consider Ecuadors alliances.

Rest of the world

The targets outside South America should be a little easier to beat militarily, but the transportation might be another problem.

  • Caribbean Islands. Haiti Haiti and Cuba Cuba (if independent) both have Tobacco which should help the Ecuadorean economy. Both are weak and probably without alliances. If Ecuador can maintain a fleet, they should be relatively easy targets. Danish Caribbean islands might be another target. Look out for when Prussia attacks them.
  • Hawaii Hawaii. One have to move fast for this one. USA is looking the sphere and annex them, but if one moves fast one can annex it. Hawaii might not be that good on its own, but it gives a harbor, that makes it easier to reach more targets, which is...
  • South East Asia. Johore has gold, Brunei and Atjeh have rubber, opium and tobacco. Valuable resources. All of them are defenseless, if one manages to actually get a fleet to South East Asia.