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The following is a list of Easter eggs found in Victoria 2. These are references to movies, books, songs, or almost any real-world art or historical events; with a few exceptions.

Army of Darkness The description of the Military Reform in the Westernization interface reads: "This is my BOOMSTICK!" This is a reference to the movie Army of Darkness, where Ash says the same to "primitive screw-heads."

Paul McCartney One event is titled: "I Thought the Major was a Lady Suffragette?" This is a reference to the Paul McCartney and the Wings song "Jet".

300 One event titled Politburo discusses Conquest, one of the possible choices are "Tonight we dine in Hell!"

Countries The countries of Jan Mayen Jan Mayen, Babylon Babylon, and Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire are considered Easter eggs, as the developers did not expect them to actually be created (nor discovered) in a normal play through.

Miskatonic University The decision Miskatonic University and the province name 'Arkham', as well as the condition Romanticist Litterature is a reference to the works of H.P Lovecraft

Comet sighted The Event Comet Sighted is a mainstay in Paradox games. It is present in Europa Universalis 4, where it gives a plethora of options, which are all the same, lose 1 stability. The Original is "I wish we lived in more enlightened times." In Victoria 2 the event states "Thank God, we live in enlightened times" giving research points.

Mysterious Whale sinks Ship! The series of events is a reference to the famous book Moby Dick by Herman Melville in which there is a huge white sperm whale sinking a ship. The event is clearly as easter egg, as there is a long list of unrelated decisions and events that must be happened, a possible window of only 10 years between 1865 and 1875, and it has a mean time to happen of 20000 (meaning it will happen once every 200 games, where all the 5 decisions have been taken).