Die Groot Trek

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Photo of the Great Trek.

Die Groot Trek (Afrikaans meaning The great trek in English) was an emigration wave from the British Cape colony northwest to the area of the Boer states. The representation in the game is quite ahistorical as the immigration was not a decision by the boer states but more an event that actually led to the foundation of those.

In the game the decision can be taken by either Oranje Oranje or Transvaal Transvaal. If one takes it, the other has lost the chance to do so. It gives them 300 % immigrant attraction, +8 militancy for Boer POPs and gives Boer POPs in British cape colony with over 6 consciousness a modifier that makes them immigrate.

One needs at least 2 prestige to do so.

Further Implications

The decision paves the way to the Zulu Zulu decision Attack The Laagers, which reduces the amount of Boer POPs in Durban by 40%. Therefore, it is wise, if one intends to annex Zulu, to do so before enacting Die Groot Trek.


The Great Trek was an exodus of South African farmers of primarily Dutch descent - Boers - from the British controlled Cape Colony to lands beyond the Orange and Vaal rivers, and to the 'Boer republics' established by their kinsmen in the South African hinterland.