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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Mormon People's Party (Reactionary)
Capital Salt Lake City
Population ?
Primary culture Yankee
Accepted cultures Dixie
Literacy ?
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized nation

Deseret, a country formed by Mormons, appears in Nevada-Utah, Arizona and California. It's Primary culture is Yankee and it has Dixie as an accepted culture. There is neither Yankee nor Dixie people living in the area of Deseret at the start of the game.

In 1836 it is under the control of Mexico Mexico, but it is usually taken over by USA USA following Manifest Destiny. If one intends to play as Deseret, one can decide to release it from Mexico (after ending the war with Texas) or one can start as USA, take over the area, and release Deseret when some Yankees immigrate to the area.

An independent Deseret can Apply for Statehood in the United States. Doing so will end the game though.

Starting conditions

Deseret can form in a lot of ways, (though usually released by the player), but that does little to change its main problem: it has no main or accepted culture POPs. Not only that, but Yankees/Dixies rarely emigrate either. This essentially forces the player to try and synchronise migration with its diplomatic policies, specifically as to how accepted POPs should be acquired. It's very sparsely populated, though it actually has pretty good resources: an abundance of Iron.pngIron, and some Coal.pngCoal.


One wants, above all, to get in the USAs Sphere of Influence and ally them. It's the only way to secure the country's survival. At least until the outbreak of the civil war, the USA is Deseret's best, and probably only friend. Immigration will be lower than Texas and other North American minors due to having a Presidential Dictatorship.

Economic technologies are important, as Deseret starts with very few of those. Your literacy situation is appalling, though immigration may end up alleviating that somewhat if you can become a Democracy.

If Deseret allies up with USA it can possibly take Mexican California and some other Mexican states before Manifest Destiny. It will give Deseret sea access which will open the rest of the world. Sea access is properly the most vital thing Deseret lacks. Especially when placed between two large nations. However, when it is gained, one has access to potential overseas protectorates, such as Johore Johore or Atjeh Atjeh, and has a potential to field near 20,000 soldiers.

The Civil War

This is of extreme importance to Deseret, as it's probably the only occasion one gets an opportunity to take a state with yankees or dixies in it. The most obvious choice of declaring allegiance to is the USA and defeat the Confederate States of America Confederate States of America. You will probably want to occupy a state before the Americans get to it, though this will require some resemblance of an army, so keep Military Ependiture high.

When CSA declares indepence there is little time to spare. USA does not usually call in allies, so one have to justify a casus belli quickly declare war, occupy enough territory and make a peace deal before USA wins the war. Once in a blue moon CSA actually wins the war, and if that is the case one have to win the war in traditional manner.

USA will have cores on the newly won territory, but since Deseret is most likely already in the American sphere, they probably won't be aggressive.