Democracy in America

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Democracy in America is an event, which can happen to France France in the beginning of the game. It pays homage to Alexis to Tocqueville's famous book Democracy in America.

It gives France 3 prestige, increases relation with USA USA with 25 as well as make every POP in France 5% more liberal. The option says: Vive le Difference!

It can happen between 1836 and 1840 with a mean time to happen of 5 months. It requires that USA and France are not at war.

The in-game text says: In 1835 Alexis de Tocqueville publish his 'Democracy in America', which was immediately recognized as a classic in both America and France. In it he remarked on the litigiousness and the religiosity of Americans, something that remains a puzzle to Europeans today. Tocqueville is one of a few historians with than one 'classic' to his credit. His other great work, 'The Old Regime and the French Revolution' was published in 1856 just three years before his death.