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A decision can be activated by the player or the AI when certain conditions are fulfilled. Some decisions are specific to a nation. It can be decisions like Abandon Finland or Treaty of London. Others can be worldwide like The Balfour Declaration or Sign the Geneva Convention. They can be found in the politics tab under 'decisions'.

The decision tab of Sweden

Ordinary decisions can normally only be taken once, while formation decisions can be taken multiple times.

Decisions have 4 components.

  • Requirements, that allow the decision. Without these fulfilled, the decision is not visible in the tab.
  • Requirements, that enable the decision. Without these fulfilled, the decision cannot be taken.
  • Effects; what the decision actually do
  • Flavour; Title, description and picture to give the game some life

To find help on how to created a modded decision look at How to make a decision.

Universal Decisions

Great power decisions

Secondary power decisions

Decisions unique to nations

These decisions can only be taken by either specific nations or nations with a specific culture.

United Kingdom


Prussia / Germany and German States


Russia / Soviet Union

Italy / Italian states

Austria / Austria-Hungary

The Ottoman Empire / Turkey

Latin America




Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Scandinavia

Confederate States of America and North American Minors


Netherlands and Belgium

The Boer States, South Africa and Zulu

Unicivilized Nations

Unification Decisions

These decisions are used to form Cultural Unions and other formable countries. If the formed nation ceases to exist again, the decision can be taken multiple times.