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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party CSL (conservative)
Capital Prague (if released of formed by Bohemia-Moravia),

Bratislava (if formed by Slovakia)

Population 2.30 million, 9.23 million in total
Primary culture Varies (Slovak or Czech)
Accepted cultures Varies (Slovak or Czech)
Literacy 17.5 %
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized nation

Czechoslovakia is a releasable, landlocked nation in central Europe. At the beginning of the game, only Austria Austria is able to release it. Czechoslovakia can also be formed by either Bohemia-Moravia Bohemia-Moravia or Slovakia Slovakia, yet both of them are also part of Austria and also have to be released. Primary culture and capital of Czechoslovakia depend on if it is released by Austria or formed by either Bohemia-Moravia or Slovakia.

Starting Out

First and foremost, use your one NF to encourage Clergymen mini.pngClergy in your most populous state. You will be surrounded by Prussia Prussia to the north and Austria to the south, so expansion is unlikely. Your Literacy is also quite low. However, Czechoslovakia is filled to the brim with Coal.pngCoal and Iron.pngIron, allowing for easy industrialization. Cement, Glass, and Steel factories should be the first factories you create. If you're in a risk-taking mood (and if you have very positive relations with Austria and Prussia), then you can try to expand against Bavaria Bavaria or Saxony Saxony, although doing so risks an Austrian or Prussian intervention. Any of the German minor states will boost your literacy rate, and will provide at least some industry.

South Germans

You start with a lot of South German pops, they can annoy and sometimes devastate your country with nationalist rebellions as some of your provinces have Austrian cores.