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Government type HM's Government (will turn into a absolute monarchy in the first 2 months)
Ruling party Realistas (reactionary)
Capital Havana
Population 234.000
Primary culture Caribeno
Literacy 10,1%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized Nation
A picture of Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean Islands in 1836

Cuba is a island nation that starts as a colony of Spain Spain.

Cuba has a decent production of tobacco which is their best source of money. Haiti Haiti and the Danish West Indies are the best possibilities to expand for an independent Cuba.

Even though Cuba starts off as a HM's Government, it has no voting. This means that the Government will turn into a presidential dictatorship if Realistas remains in power. One can choose another ruling party. (conservative or liberal) In this case, the government form will be Absolute Monarchy. Not good, but one will have a little more room for different policies.

An American decision Ostend Manifesto will give USA USA (and later possibly CSA) cores on Cuba, and lower the relations between USA and the European Great Powers by 150.

Possibilities for expansion


Haiti is a small island nation just next to Cuba. It has a small population with poor literacy. On the bright side, it wont have any allies for a long time and it would be almost free to take.


The Danish West Indies is like Haiti; a relatively safe bet considering its distance from the Danish homeland. It has a small population but its RGOs will help in your development.

Latin America

One of the more daring strategies is to take some of the South American mainland. Venezuela Venezuela, Ecuador Ecuador and Colombia Colombia have decent populations, but also larger militaries than Cuba. Brazil Brazil has cores on Colombia, so they will attack at some point, often in the early Game. A well timed attack can make some easy provinces.


Now for the more daring ways. Mexico Mexico has a good population and some provinces that looks good under the Cuban flag. On top of that they have enough trouble with USA. One can use the Mexican-American War as an opportunity to take some of the southern provinces.

Other targets

Uncivilised African and South East Asian states are good targets for military conquest, with certain RGOs such as rubber and oil being established in the late game.

One should also look out after an independent Californian Republic Californian Republic, Texas Texas or Panama Panama, in the rare event of a loss by the United States.

One can try to profit from the American Civil War and take some provinces from CSA, but the time frame of this conflict may preclude you from intervention.