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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction
Capital Zagreb (ID 771)
Population 440.57K
Primary culture Croatian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 11%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Acedimia
Status Civilized
The entire Yugoslavia is splitted among Austria and Ottoman Empire in 1836

Croatia is a European nation initially controlled by Austria Austria.

If it becomes a great power it can form Yugoslavia Yugoslavia. This is a difficult task involving taking land from Austria and the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire. Croatia will need powerful allies for this task. Croatia is one of the largest Balkan nations and arguably the easiest to form Yugoslavia from.

If one intends to form Yugoslavia it can be the better option to wait and release Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia Slovenia and Trieste Trieste until Croatia is a Great Power. That way it starts in ones Sphere of influence. Croatia also has a great potential for colonizing, although one should be careful since Portugal and Netherlands will quite strangely try to get the coast Dalmatia and Istria.

Italy Italy might be aggressive towards an independent Croatia after they have taken the decision Italia Irredenta which gives cores of some of the Croatian provinces in Dalmatia.