Coronation of Queen Victoria

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The Coronation of Queen Victoria is an event happening to United Kingdom United Kingdom early in the game usually within the first 4 years. It removes Hannover Hannover as a Puppet of Great Britain as well as removing all Influence and setting their attitude to Opposed. On the other hand, it gives 5 prestige.

It can happen after the year 1838 if Great Britain is either an absolute monarchy, Prussian Constitionalism or HM's Government and Hannover is a puppet of United Kingdom. It has a mean time to happen of 6 months.

When attempting to form the North German Federation North German Federation, it's advisable to wait until this event happens before attempting to raise influence in Hannover beyond Friendly.

Event description

On the 28th of June, 1838, princess Alexandrina Victoria of House Hanover ascended to the throne of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as 'Queen Victoria'. Her reign, which would last even a few years into the 20th century, would later be remembered as the absolute zenith of the British Empire, upon which the sun never set. The last British Monarch of the House of Hanover, her ascension also marked the end of the personal union between Britain and Hanover. Today a jubilant crowd in London has escorted the young Queen Victoria to her residence in the newly built Buckingham Palace.