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The Paradox Wikis network

The Paradox Wikis network are dedicated to various games published by Paradox Interactive. Their main is to allow the community build a repository of game-related knowledge (aka Community Wikis), useful for both new and experienced players and for modders.

The wikis are administered by SolSys with the help of a community volunteer team.

Wiki forum threads

All PDX wikis have dedicated forum threads on their game's sub-forum. Users can post in these threads to ask questions or collaborate with others.

These threads are monitored by the wiki moderation team so there's a high chance of them responding quickly (up to a day or two).

Game \ Brand Wiki thread (Forum)
Cities: Skylines Cities: Skylines (Forum)
Crusader Kings Crusader Kings 3 (Forum)
Empire of Sin Empire of Sin (Forum)
Europa Universalis Europa Universalis 4 (Forum)
Hearts of Iron Hearts of Iron 4 (Forum)
Imperator: Rome Imperator: Rome (Forum)
Prison Architect Prison Architect (Forum)
Stellaris Stellaris (Forum)
Surviving Mars Surviving Mars (Forum)
Surviving the Aftermath Surviving the Aftermath (Forum)
Victoria Victoria 2 (Forum)

Contact the team

If the issue in question is private it is possible to directly contact the wiki moderation team via a PM on the forums using the links below.


Moderator is the highest level of power afforded to volunteers. They have the ability to block users, restrict editing of specific pages, roll back edits, delete pages, restore deleted pages, etc.

Username Role Forum contact Wiki contact (copy after wiki domain) Notes (main activity)
SolSys Administrator SolSys (Forum) User_talk:SolSys
Dauth Moderator Dauth (Forum) User_talk:Dauth
Lillebror Moderator Lillebror (Forum) User_talk:Lillebror


Half-ops serve as a middle-ground between moderators and regular users. They can't block users or restrict editing of pages, but they can do many of the other things moderators can.

Username Role Forum contact Wiki contact (copy after wiki domain) Notes (main activity)
AkatsukiEmpire Half-op AkatsukiEmpire (Forum) User_talk:AkatsukiEmpire Hearts of Iron
DC123456789 Half-op DC123456789 (Forum) User_talk:DC123456789 Imperator: Rome
Fox NS CAN Half-op Fox_NS_CAN (Forum) User_talk:Fox NS CAN Cities: Skylines, Surviving Mars
Hairy Dude Half-op Hairy Dude (Forum) User_talk:Hairy Dude Europa Universalis
Jruderman Half-op Jruderman (Forum) User_talk:Jruderman Crusader Kings
Kami-sama Half-op Kami-sama (Forum) User_talk:Kami-sama Crusader Kings, Stellaris
KaTiON Half-op KaTiON (Forum) User_talk:KaTiON Stellaris
Romulien Half-op Romulien (Forum) User_talk:Romulien Crusader Kings