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This page lists the codes which may be input into the Console Window, a special debugging window which may be accessed by pressing the ` key (button may vary on non-American keyboards). Press the up or down arrow keys to traverse through previously executed commands. Many codes can be turned off by repeating the command, but sometimes reloading the save or exiting the game is necessary.

They are often considered cheating to use.

List of Commands

Expansion or patch required Command Effect Example Comments
money [amount] Adds the desired amount of money to the player's nation's cash reserves. money 15000
patch 1.2 prestige [amount] Gives a specified amount of prestige to the player. prestige 100 Prestige change is affected by technologies.
leadership [amount] Adds the desired amount of leadership to the player's nation's leadership reserves. leadership 3
goods [amount] Gives the player the amount specified of all the goods in the game plus the same amount of money. Default is 10000. goods 5000 Warning: creating a large amount of goods with this code will probably lead to economic problems.
plurality [number] Set the player plurality to the number given. plurality 75
revolt [province id] Rise all the valid rebels of the country that controls [province id] revolt 1 Use twice for it to take effect
instantconstruction Buildings finish in one day. instantconstruction Affects human and AI players.
inc Buildings finish in one day. inc Affects only human players, not the AI.
instantresearch Research finishes in one day. instantresearch Affects human and AI players.
inr Research finishes in one day. inr Affects only human players, not the AI.
yesmen The AI accepts any deal with the player or other AI players. yesmen This was changed to "debug yesmen" in the initial release of HoD.
HoD debug yesmen The AI accepts any deal with the player or other AI players. debug yesmen
tag [TAG] Change the player country to the one specified. tag USA The tag must be capitalized.

More than 1 change "sleeps" the AI of the affected country until reload.

event [event id] [province id] Trigger province events, regardless of the event requirements. event 5162 1 This command applies to province events only. If the province ID is not specified, the event is triggered in the capital province of the player's country.
event [id] [TAG] Trigger country events, regardless of the event requirements. event 2001 USA This command applies to country events only. If the country tag is not specified, the event is triggered in the player's country.
changeowner [TAG] [province id] Change the current owner of [province id] to the TAG specified. changeowner USA 1
changecontroller [TAG] [province id] Change the current controller of [province id] to the TAG specified. changecontroller USA 1 Unless there is a war between the original owner and the specified country the province will return to the original owner.
conquerall [TAG] Set all enemy provinces under the current country's control. conquerall USA Unless there is a war between the specified country and the current country the provinces will return to the original owner.
showprovinceid Shows the id of the provinces. showprovinceid
provid Shows the id of the provinces. provid A shortened version of the previous command.
spawnunit [unit] [province id] A [unit] appears in the province specified at 0 organization and full strength. spawnunit hussar 206 In case of a land unit, the soldiers will come from a random province.
reload <filename> Allows some files, such as the interface files, to be reloaded. reload interface.gfx No-one is sure which files can be reloaded and which cannot.
reloadfx <effectname> Reloads the specified shaders. reloadfx map
reloadtexture <name> Reloads the specified texture. reloadtexture grass.png
break Enforces rebel/movement demands. break The top-level rebels available in the movement window are the ones that have their demands met.
upperhouse Trigger a reelection of the upper house. upperhouse
election Starts common elections. election
militancy [level] Changes militancy of all pops by the specified amount. militancy 1 Both positive and negative values work.
date Changes the date. date 1862.5.13
fow Turns on\of fog of war. fow
HoD debug fow Turns on\of fog of war. debug fow
debug invent [invention] Discover specified invention. debug invent gas_attack The names of all inventions are in the inventions folder. The "debug" part of this command may not be required.
debug market Turns on/off a log of price changes. debug market The log is located at which is located in My documents/Paradox Interactive/Victoria 2/Logs/game.log, and has a format described at [1].
debug minzoom Controls maximum and minimum camera zoom. minzoom
debug cb_use <cb_type> <TAG> <TAG> Show all the requirements for a certain Casus Belli, marking which ones are currently valid or invalid. The first TAG is the country trying to use the CB; the second TAG is the country against the CB is evaluated. debug cb_use conquest_cb USA MEX The list can be too long to be completely displayed.
wireframe Switches units' 3D models to wireframe mode. wireframe
blockade <provinceid> Blockades the specified province. blockade 1
reorg <provinceid> All units in the specified province get 100% organization and full strength. reorg 12
fullscreen Changes screen to fullscreen mode. fullscreen
debug allmoney Shows info for money transfers. debug allmoney
debug alwaysdiplo Makes diplomats endless. debug alwaysdiplo
debug alwaysaddwargoal Removes limitations for adding wargoals. debug alwaysaddwargoal
researchpoints [number] Grants the specified number of research points. researchpoints 9001
debug alwaysreform Eliminates the 1-month wait between reforms. debug alwaysreform It's unknown if it this affects the AI.
debug influence Makes every Great Power's influence on every country fixed at 100. When deactivated, all influence levels return to normal. debug influence Also affects the AI.

It doesn't show any message on console when activated or deactivated.

HoD debug assert Events won't pause the game. debug assert This is a regular game option that you can switch on and off in some newer Paradox games.
suppress Set suppression points to 100. suppress
HoD showrails(rails) Toggles the railroads visibility mode showrails(rails)
HoD Citysize [on/off] [<size 0-100>(if on)] Overrides the cities size. Citysize [off]
HoD newsfakegenerateall(fakenewsall) [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] Generates fake news for each possible fake defined. newsfakegenerateall(fakenewsall) [<stylename>] [<randomseed>]
HoD newsfakegenerate(fakenews) [articlename] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] Generates fake news for specified article name. newsfakegenerate(fakenews) [articlename] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>]
HoD reloadnewsdatabase(reloadnews) [articlename] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] Reloads the news databases and styles. reloadnewsdatabase(reloadnews)
HoD newsgeneratefrompath(newsfrom) [path] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] Generates news from specified folder. newsgeneratefrompath(newsfrom) [path] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>]
HoD newsgenerate(news) [filename] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] Generates news from file. newsgenerate(news) [filename] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>]
HoD addresearch(addr) [techname] Adds research at specified name. addresearch(addr) [techname] Typing an invalid technology name crashes the game, so use with caution. Technology names can be found in inventions.txt in the game files.
HoD leaderprestige(lprestige) [province] [value] Adds prestige to leaders attached to units at specified location. leaderprestige(lprestige) [1456] [10]
HoD togglepopupdate(popupdate) Toggles ON/OFF updating pops. togglepopupdate(popupdate)
HoD popstat Prints out amount of active pops. popstat
HoD breakalliances(breakally) [<tag>] Breaks all alliances for you or for specific country. breakalliances(breakally) [ENG]
HoD lua [luacode] Executes lua code typed instead of arguments. lua [luacode]
HoD technologylist(techs) Prints out all technologies technologylist(techs)
HoD morehumans(humans) [num] Adds more humans morehumans(humans) [2]
HoD window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name] Opens or closes the specified window window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name]
HoD randomlog Toggles random logging randomlog
HoD reload [file name] Reloads the gui or lua file reload [file name]
HoD reloadinterface Reloads the entire interface reloadinterface
HoD reloadfx [Arguments: map or *.fx filename] Reloads the shader reloadfx [Arguments: map or *.fx filename]
HoD reloadtexture [texture file name] Reloads the specified texture reloadtexture [texture file name]
HoD paint Switch to map painting mode. paint
HoD rpaint Switch to region painting mode. rpaint
HoD cpaint Switch to continent painting mode. cpaint
HoD teleportselectionto(teleport) [province id] Teleports currently selected unit to location teleportselectionto(teleport) [1]
HoD reorg [province id] Reorganize all units at location (includes enemies, so use wisely) reorg [1] (reorganizes units in Stockholm)
HoD tutorial [chapter id] [<reload>] Sets or reload tutorial tutorial [1] [<reload>]
HoD copyprov Copy selected provinces ids to clipboard copyprov
HoD spawnactor [actor name] [province id] [<animation>] [<gun>] [<hat>] Spawns 3d object at location spawnactor [actor name] [province id] [<animation>] [<gun>] [<hat>]
HoD helplog Print out all console commands to game.log file. helplog
HoD help [Command name] Print out all console commands or a specific command description. helplog

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Unconfirmed or not working commands


promotiondesc: Somehow should descript pop promotion. Looks like game crashing.

demotiondesc: Somehow should descript pop demotion. Looks like game crashing.

cthulhu: Calls Cthulhu R'lyeh.

help: Displays the message 'No help for you!' Work in Heart of Darkness.


rand_log Rand log enabled




window Valid commands are: open <windowName> close reload


no_pop_update Pops are not updating Pops are updating


All follow use with debug prefix:

debug lines

alwaysupgradecolony (Always can upgrade colony)

natfoc Prio for:


focusai National focus

ai debug toggled water???

shadow shadows info





textures Texture info has been written to the debug log.

render Render options: Trees: yes no Borders: Text: Overlay: Objects: MapObjects: Rivers: Water: WaterBorders: Effects:


spawnactor Syntax is spawnactor <actorname> <provinceid> [animation] [gun] [hat]









Format of the log generated

[worldmarket.cpp:861]: Ammunition demand: 2213.24

[worldmarket.cpp:862]: Ammunition supply: 731.901

[worldmarket.cpp:863]: Ammunition price: 15.5681



[worldmarket.cpp:1538]: --------------------------------------------

[worldmarket.cpp:1546]: Ammunition _ActualSold Domestic markets: 444.897

[worldmarket.cpp:1547]: Ammunition Suppply World markets: 366.213

[worldmarket.cpp:1549]: Ammunition _ActualSold World: 130.501

[worldmarket.cpp:1550]: Ammunition left on market: 235.712



[worldmarket.cpp:3001]: --------------------------------------------

[worldmarket.cpp:3006]: Ammunition(i:0) sold(domestic): 444.897

[worldmarket.cpp:3007]: Ammunition(i:0) sold(world): 130.501



[worldmarket.cpp:3011]: --------------------------------------------

[worldmarket.cpp:3016]: Ammunition on next market: 290.749