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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Conservative Party
Capital Kinshasa (ID 1982)
Population 591.20 thousand
Primary culture Bakongo
Accepted cultures African Minor
Literacy 28%
National value Liberty
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
The cores of Congo after the decision Host the Congo Conference. None of them are owned in the beginning of the game.

Congo (also often referred to as 'Congo Free State') is a unique country in Victoria 2 in many ways. It is created through Colonization of Africa by civilized nations, as none of its core provinces are owned in the beginning of the game.

This means that one have to colonize the area as a secondary power or great power and then release Congo. (Great Britain is the easiest)
Host The Congo Conference decision can only be available in the year 1880, which means that it starts up at least 44 years later than everybody and needs to catch up.

Cores can be created in central Africa activated by the decision, Host the Congo Conference, which only United Kingdom United Kingdom can activate. It can be taken if the 5 provinces Kinshasa, Lunsambo, Kisangani, Irebu, and Bunkeya are unowned by 1880.

It is most likely completely surrounded by the country that created Congo just played as, which is most likely a Great power due to the great amounts of prestige from colonizing.

Great Powers sometimes creates the Congo Free State as a puppet state. When all of Congo is colonized, an event will eventually happen and the owner can choose between giving Congo its cores or losing 10000 pounds and a lot of prestige.


One can "cheat" and make Congos starting position much better by not releasing the nation as soon as possible, but investing a little in the area. It is possible to fill up Congo with railways and forts before releasing. This may make the odds a little more favorable.


  • A large area to begin with.
  • A relatively high literacy for an unciv (20%).


  • Only around 70 years of gameplay.
  • No or few areas to colonize when one finally reach westernization.
  • Surrounded by a great power which means a low chance of conquest.

European relations with Congo

If Congo is a puppet of a great power, it can be annexed by the decision Annex the Congo at the cost of 40 prestige.

If Belgium Belgium owns Congo as a puppet they can rename 3 congolose provinces to Leopoldville, Stanleyville and Elisabethville while gaining prestige with the decision Explore the Congo!. There is no way to rename the provinces back again.