Confederate States of America

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Confederate States of America
Confederate States of America.png
Government type Democracy
Ruling party Whigs (Conservative)
Capital Richmond (ID 211)
Population 1.94 Million
Primary culture Dixie
Accepted cultures
Religion Protestant.pngProtestant
Literacy 32.3%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized
A picture of CSA and USA in 1861

The Confederate States of America are quite a challenging country to play, due to the American Civil War not being free of bugs. Still, it is possible to play them and have a great game, and I hope this guide will help you to do so, but I would not recommend to play the CSA for your first or second game. Since you will have to start out as the USA in 1836 if you want to play the CSA, this guide will start out by explaining how to start out as the USA USA. Let's raise the flag of Dixie for good!

The Prologue

The United States of America starts out as quite a powerful nation and one of the few Democracies in the world of 1836. You start out with one army of 12000 Yankee soldiers, one army of 12000 Dixie soldiers, one Army of 6000 Yankee Dragoons and 3000 Dixie dragoons, and another army of 9000 Yankee soldiers.

It's important to know, that all the units that come from soldier pops which are from CSA cores, will join the CSA when the war starts. It doesn't matter whether they are dixie or yankee.

As getting Soldier POPs for raising Southern soldiers takes its time, you should try to delay the American Civil War for as long as possible. To do this, you should use any possible decision and event to keep Consciousness low since high average Consciousness raises the odds of the Civil War breaking out.

Preparations during the USA-phase

You can just sit around, waiting for Dixie soldiers to promote and build brigades out of them, keeping Consciousness low in the meantime. If you want to do this, I recommend disbanding the Yankee armies as you raise new Dixie troops, but do not disband them all at once, or the UK might declare war on you. Start with the Dragoons, since they will crush the 3000 Dixie dragoons as soon as the ACW breaks out if you keep them, and continue with the 9000 Yankee troops.

Enact the Ostend Manifesto because it will greatly benefit the CSA during the ACW by ruining the Union's relations to the Great Powers. Cuba Cuba can be chosen to be a slave state and will often join CSA.

DO NOT, and this is very important, add Mexico to your sphere because it will result in them helping the Union during the ACW, making it nearly impossible to win. This way of preparing for the ACW is the safer, easier way and you should try it if you haven't played the ACW before.

You can declare war on Mexico and get Texas Texas to join the Union as a Slave State, making it likely to join the CSA during the Civil War. This is kinda risky, since you have very limited options of building troops without making the Yankees way stronger than they already are. If the war takes too long, you might also end up with a weak starting position and your Dixie troops far away from their motherland, where they easily get defeated. The advantages of this method is a potentially stronger starting position for the ACW, but might also ruin it if you make a mistake or are just really unlucky. Additionally, it will significantly weak Mexico if you win, which is kind of a relief in the later stages of the game. It will also make you rely on at least the Yankee troops you start out with, and if the Yankees still have all of them as soon as the ACW starts, you have a huge problem.

It's not recommended to extend slavery to unpopulated western states, as they may join the CSA instead of important dixie states like Virginia or Georgia. Adding Texas and Cuba is a good idea, as they are very likely to join the CSA if you extend slavery on them. You should try to maximize the number of soldiers which come from CSA cores. One thing to note is that Washington D.C will remain with the Union, as it's their capital.

You can severely weaken the Union, by taking their northern states. If you eventually take everything up to New England, USA shouldn't be a threat to you any longer.


Your research in the US-phase is pretty much a matter of taste, because the CSA will inherit the techs you research as the US (IF, and this is very important, you save and reload the game the day the ACW breaks out). I recommend only getting better railroads if you are interventionist though, because your Capitalists mini.pngcapitalists will prefer building infrastructure in the industrialized North rather than in the South.

After you play for a while, the CSA will start to gain cores on certain Slave States via events. As soon as this happens, immediately send all your Dixie troops into the Southern states if they aren't already there, and position them away from any Yankee army that still exists. Disband the Yankee troops you have, if you haven't already done this before, and prepare for the ACW to start. If you don't want to "cheat" too much to win the ACW, keep the Yankee Army of 12000 Soldiers that starts out in Washington D.C. (I highly recommend this if you want to have a Civil "War" instead of a Civil "Peace", but note that it will make the War significantly harder.)

The war has begun

After a while, the "A house divided" event will pop up, starting the ACW. Choose to side with the CSA. Now things are going to get serious...

Whether you are fighting a Civil Peace or the Civil War you should try to ally with the United Kingdom United Kingdom or Mexico Mexico(or even Canada Canada if it's been released). The UK is ideal as it forces the Americans to fight a two-front war and will deter them from invading later in the game or

Confederate States of America has three decisions both which help in the war effort: King Cotton, The Bonnie Blue Flag! and Kelly's Irish Brigade. One should aim at stockpiling 500 Cotton.pngcotton and use the King Cotton decision to give the Great powers a casus belli against the USA. Kelly's Irish Brigade is however more taxing on CSA as it converts Farmers mini.pngfarmers into Soldiers mini.pngsoldiers, which have negative long term effects. It should only be used as a last-ditch effort. The Bonnie Blue Flag! can be taken immediately, and have only positive effects, so that should be taken as soon as the war starts.

You should keep the Liberals in power as much as possible because they will encourage industry and railroads in a very agricultural South.

After the Civil War

Once the Confederacy is solidified on the map it has several options:

  1. Attack the USA again, this would require you to either add war goals in the ACW or to start a new war in the years after.
  2. King of the Caribbean, you can easily invade a small island like Haiti Haiti or with some time even a European nation like Denmark Denmark or the Netherlands Netherlands for their Caribbean colonies.
  3. African colonizer, if you want to do this you should have already researched nationalism and imperialism and should be in a position to research Machine guns. You can easily invade a country like Morocco Morocco, Zulu Zulu or Oman Omani Zanzibar Zanzibar and colonize from there after 1870 when Machine Guns has been researched. Annexing Sokoto Sokoto is also a possibility.

Overall the Confederate States of America can go in just about any direction that you choose to take them. If you win the initial war, you should not let your guard down, as the Union will attack you as soon as the truce is over, provided CSA does not have a strong enough army.