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Government type Democracy (By default)

HM's Government (If released by the UK)

Ruling party Conservative party (Conservative)
Capital Vancouver Island (By default)

Seattle (If released without British Columbia)

Fort Saint John (If released by the USA after colonising British Columbia)

Portland (If released in Oregon)

Population 26.75k (All core provinces)
Primary culture Anglo Canadian
Accepted cultures British, French Canadian
Literacy 10%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized

Not to be confused with Colombia Colombia

All core provinces of Columbia, with Canada marking non-core provinces which are in states that contain cores.

Columbia is a releasable nation from the United Kingdom United Kingdom, Canada Canada, the USA USA, or potentially even Mexico Mexico. Columbia holds cores within Canada (all of the state of British Columbia) and all of the Uncolonized Pacific cost, including the uncolonized part of Idaho (Couer D'Alene). It has a very low starting population, but (thanks to its location in North America) is capable of attracting immigrants much faster than most democracies.

As well as its primary Anglo Canadian culture, which it shares with Canada, Columbia also has British and French Canadian as accepted cultures. Anglo Canadian and British pops may be found if Columbia is released by the UK later into the game when internal colonial migration has begun in earnest, however French Canadian pops will almost never be found in any significant number unless Columbia embarks on a conquest of the rest of Canada. At the start of the game, the entire population of Columbia's core provinces is formed of Native American Minor pops, so it will need to receive immigrants or have said pops undergo assimilation to have any primary culture pops at all. Also notable is Columbia's distinct lack of any Yankee acceptance, which will almost certainly hinder its development should it be released by the USA.

If released at the start of the game, Columbia is unable to rise an army at all. Given time (and immigrants), it should be able to raise a modest army (especially if it has its entire core territory to pull troops from), however Columbia will still typically be threatened by the other Great Power(s) on its doorstep. Fortunately, since puppets cannot be negotiated with, any Columbia containing elements of the modern USA will not be existentially threatened by them if its overlord is politically intact.

At the start of the game, the State of British Columbia is not fully colonized. As a result of this, a Columbia released by the UK at the very start of the game would be split in two. This can be changed if Great Britain (or America!) colonizes the rest before releasing Columbia.

A good strategy if one legitimately wants to conquer as much as possible as Columbia is to get into the USA USA's sphere of influence, as the United Kingdom may release Canada later in the game and be unable (or less willing) to assist Columbia against the USA. Russia Russia's Sphere might also be lucrative if they still hold their parts of Alaska, as they often slightly overcommit to the Americas and Columbia typically wants all the help it can get - though unfortunately this would usually be hard to obtain outside of multiplayer.