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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Partido Liberal (liberal)
Capital Bogota (ID 2247)
Population 404.49 thousand
Primary culture North Andean
Accepted cultures
Literacy 9%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional acadimia
Status Civilized

Colombia is a civilized nation in northern South America. It has the opportunity to form Gran Colombia Gran Colombia if their become a great power and or invade Venezuela Venezuela and Ecuador Ecuador or get them in your Sphere of Influence. The much larger and more powerful Brazil Brazil has a core in Colombian Amazonas which will lead to a war fairly early in the game.

Colombia also has Balboa where the Panama Canal can be built. This can be an opportunity as well as a problem. If you become a great power before the European countries invent iron steamers, Machine Tools and cheap Iron you can get the canal for yourself including a fine amount of prestige. If you do not succeed in becoming a great power you lose Balboa and have your country torn in two.

A view of the splitted Gran Colombia

It should not be confused with the North American state Columbia Columbia

Production and industry

Colombias main export will be Coffee.pngcoffee and Tobacco.png which are good cash crops, but will not help industry. There is also a bit of Fruit.pngfruit in Panama as well as Grain.pnggrain in Colombia. So a Resource glass.pngglass factory and a Resource wine.pngwinery and liquor distillery are good choices for industry. Problem is getting access to Coal.pngcoal.


It is not advised to attack Venezuela or Ecuador since they can be annexed peacefully by forming Gran Colombia. USCA USCA to the north on the other hand can be a good target. They have a larger army, but an alliance with Mexico will be a good choice. Attacking Uruguay Uruguay might also be a good target, to get more prestige and land, and getting a staging ground for later invasions of Asia or other South American nations. Haiti Haiti and Cuba Cuba (if independent) both have Tobacco which should help the Colombian economy. Both are weak and probably without alliances. If Colombia can maintain a fleet, they should be relatively easy targets. Danish Caribbean islands might be another target. Look out for when Prussia Prussia attacks them. USA is looking the sphere and annex Hawaii, but if one moves fast one can annex it. It can prove to be a gateway to South East Asia. There are plenty of targets, which should be easy to conquer, if one can get a transport fleet over there. Especially Johore Johore and Atjeh Atjeh are valuable.

Forming Gran Colombia (again)

Colombia have a big advantage over the three other north andean nations when it comes to Form Gran Colombia. It borders all of them and thus it is easier to sphere or conquer them.

Keeping all the land

There is however one thing, that makes it very hard to form. If a great power builds The Panama Canal it annexes Balboa, which is needed to form Gran Colombia. If that happens one have to take the province back from them, which can prove to be very very hard. Therefore, one have to become a Great power before the canal is built and then building it themselves. Brazil does also have a habit of taking Colombian Amazonas, which also have to be reconquered if lost. Brazil is however a lot easier to deal with than e.g. United Kingdom United Kingdom, France France, USA USA or Germany Germany which might take Balboa.