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Clerks mini.pngClerks are a POP type. They represent the skilled laborers at factories, as opposed to craftsmen who represent unskilled laborers. Clerks improve the efficiency of the factory they are employed at, and they increase the research points gained by a country by 0.5 per percent of clerks in the country, to a max of 2 research points.

The optimal percentage of clerks in a factory is 20%. At this level they will increase the amount of goods output by the factory by 50% without increasing the input costs. They are therefore essential to building a profitable industry. Clerks are paid more of the factory's profits than craftsmen, but less than capitalists.

Literacy of a POP must be at least 50% for them to promote to clerks.


Life Needs
Grain.png Grain 2.5
Fish.png Fish 1
Fruit.png Fruit 1
Wool.png Wool 1
Cattle.png Cattle 0.75
Everyday Needs
Resource liquor.png Liquor 5
Resource paper.png Paper 5
Resource regular clothes.png Regular Clothes 5
Tea.png Tea 5
Resource furniture.png Furniture 4
Tobacco.png Tobacco 3
Coal.png Coal 1
Resource glass.png Glass 1
Luxury Needs
Resource wine.png Wine 10
Coffee.png Coffee 2
Resource telephones.png Telephones 1.25
Resource automobiles.png Automobiles 1
Resource luxury clothes.png Luxury Clothes 1
Resource luxury furniture.png Luxury Furniture 1
Opium.png Opium 1
Resource radios.png Radio 1
Resource aeroplanes.png Aeroplanes 0.4
Resource fuel.png Fuel 0.2

Rebel Units

Unit Type Chance
Infantry.png Infantry 50%
Irregular.png Irregular 50%

Ideological Tendencies

Ideology BCM
Anarcho Liberal.png Anarcho Liberal 1
Communist.png Communist 1
Conservative.png Conservative 1
Fascist.png Fascist 1
Liberal.png Liberal 1.1
Reactionary.png Reactionary 1
Socialist.png Socialist 1
Upper Classes: AristocratsCapitalists
Middle Classes: ArtisansBureaucratsClergymenClerksOfficers

Lower Classes: CraftsmenFarmersLabourersSlavesSoldiers