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Civilized nations are nations that have westernised. All nations that aren't uncivilized nations are civilized. They have prestige and research points advantages over Uncivilized nations and may become great powers or secondary powers, as well as having the ability to build factories and research technologies (Uncivilized nations can research technologies in Vanilla however).

The term may also refer specifically to a westernized nation that is not a great or secondary power


Compared to uncivilized nations, civilized nations (without higher status) have some advantages:

Initial civilized nations

These are the nations civilized at the start of the game.

North America

All nations in North America except Hawaii Hawaii are civilized. Cherokee Cherokee is also uncivilized when released.

South America

All nations in South America are civilized.


All nations in Europe (except the releaseable Crimea Crimea) are civilized.



No independent nations with a capital city in Asia are civilized at the start of the game. The Philippines Philippines are, if released, westernized.


No nations with a capital city in Oceania exists at the start of the game, but Australia Australia and New Zealand New Zealand are civilized when released.