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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Conservadores (conservative)
Capital Santiago (ID 2324)
Population 270.03 thousand
Primary culture South Andean
Accepted cultures
Religion Catholic.pngcatholic
Literacy 11.2 %
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Chile in 1836

Straddling the West Coast of South America, much of Chile lies in the southern part of the Andes mountains. Today it is one of the most developed nations in South America, with a strong mining industry. Historically, Chile expanded against both Bolivia Bolivia and Peru Peru and maintained peaceful, though at times tense, relations with the rest of South America. Chile was also a major destination for immigrants, which were needed to supplement Chile's tiny population.

Chile is an interesting nation to play, as it will get no contact with Great Powers unless one actively searches for it. One can play a game where one is only involved with nations the same size and strength as Chile.

Starting position

At a first glance, Chile seems a weak and unpromising nation. With a small population of about 270,000, no great RGOs apart from some Iron.pngIron and Sulphur.pngsulphur, and on the far side of South America, it seems almost on the edge of the world. There's more to it than meets the eye, though. Most importantly, Chile is a democracy: while this deprives you of the freedom to chose your Ruling Party, it gives a huge bonus to Immigration. As with most South American nations, Chile starts off with a low literacy and less starting techs than European nations. Chile also has cores on Bolivia and Peru, allowing for some infamy-free wars and more land.


After getting the budget in order, it's time for some expansion. If you wait long enough, Brazil Brazil or Argentina Argentina will come for their cores in Bolivia and significantly weaken it militarily. If not, you can always try to ally either of them. At any rate, you should definitely aim to retake your cores from Bolivia Bolivia in the War of the Pacific, as well as possibly the Potosi region if you so desire. The same thing goes for Peru. While the spoils from these wars aren't great, they're still a nice plus.

More paramount to Chile's success will probably be immigration: though you'll get a large bonus for being a Democracy and a New World nation already, you can increase the influx of immigrants by passing more political and social reforms, or using encourage immigration national foci. You can use the encourage Party Loyalty NFs to boost the popularity of the Liberal party, to pass more Political Reforms.

Its relatively ample supplies of Iron make that Chile isn't as handicapped as other South American nations when it comes to industry: the main thing lacking is coal. The world market might supply but you can always secure a source abroad through force of arms if you so seek. There's some Coal in Madagascar Madagascar, Korea Korea, and Sokoto Sokoto. You can also focus your military efforts towards the rest of South America and become the hegemonic ruler of the South American continent. Once you get the immigration train rolling, the possibilities are endless.

Possible Colonies

Secondary power is indeed possible for Chile, and thus is colonization. One does to have lots of space for docks in the mainland. Both South East Asia and Africa is possible. Here is a list of possible candidates:

  • Danish Ghana, Sokoto and the Gold Coast. Rich on soldiers, valuable resources and a lot of people makes it an obvious target for colonization. The problem is getting a foothold in Africa, but Danish Ghana should be possible to take. One should also consider that it is very costly to sail from Chile to Africa.
  • Brunei, Johore, Siam etc. When compared to Africa, the small south east Asian nations is much shorter in distance and naval attrition.
  • Java from The Netherlands. If Netherlands is losing a war against Great Britain and Belgium they will not have time to defend Java. Java is one of the most valuable provinces with over 2.000.000 pops and good resources.
  • Polynesia. Historically, Chile colonized Easter Island at 1888, but is also possible colonize Tahiti if Easter Island has a Naval Base Lvl. 2. Fiji and Tonga Region are also possible.